Hiking Noosa National Park with a New Friend


NoosaNoosa National Park and Headlands is one of the most beautiful coastal parks I have ever visited. The coastal track through the park took me through Noosa’s five stunning beaches: Sunshine Beach, Alexandria Bay, Tea Tree Bay, Little Cove, and Main Beach. The spectacular wave cut rock formations, open woodlands, healthlands, and wind swept coastlines makes the park one of a kind. Walking along the high cliff edges above the deep turquoise coloured waters is a hike I will never forget.


NoosaNot only did I take over 450 steps while trekking over 5 kilometres along uneven and winding terrain, I experienced it with a new friend. Traveling is always more memorable when you meet new people who you can learn from. I met an amazing girl from Jersey in the Channel Islands off the coast of France. She introduced herself to me when I checked into my hostel in Noosa. From the moment I met Jodie we were inseparable during our time together in Noosa. It was almost as if we had been friends in another life.


Sharing experiences with someone makes traveling fun. In the heat of mid-day, Jodie and I laughed our way through the coastal walk. We searched for koalas (we didn’t see any), were surprised by a massive dragon that ran across our path, admired the surfers in the unpatrolled waters, and took in the breath taking turquoise sights. Jodie is as much of a beach lover as I am so we were amazed by each beach we crossed throughout our journey.


There is no better way to experience a new place then with a new friend.

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