10 Reasons Why I fell in Love with Noosa


Noosa is one of those places you visit and feel immediately right at home. Most visitors pass through staying one or two nights longing for more time in the sleepy town. I had 6 blessed nights in Noosa, but felt like I could stay forever. From the moment I arrived, I knew Noosa would be my “vacation” during my busy and fast paced trek through Australia. 7 days of relaxation was in store after visiting 13 regions in Australia in just three quick weeks. Noosa had everything I needed for the perfect serene getaway by the beach.

Why do I love Noosa you might ask?

1. Noosa is surrounded by 5 gorgeous beaches: Sunshine Beach, Alexandria Bay, Tea Tree Bay, Little Cove, and Main Beach:


Main Beach

2. Noosa is the gateway to Australia’s Everglades:
3. The majority of Noosa is made up of the beautiful Noosa National Park:

4. Noosa has the best battered salt and pepper calamari and chips I have ever had:
*I was starving and I ate it too quick before I realized I wanted to get a picture…

5. Noosa is one of the last great surf breaks in Queensland:
6. Noosa is the perfect place for body-boarding and body-surfing:
7. Noosa’s chilled back atmosphere and friendly disposition is the perfect place to meet new friends:
8. Noosa has some of the best coastal views I have ever seen:
9. Noosa’s beaches are the deepest shades of turquoise I’ve seen yet:
10. Noosa is a place where I could see myself living:

Regardless of the amount of time you have in Australia, be sure to make time for a visit to Noosa. You will always want more time in Noosa than you have.

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