Waiting for the Storm to Pass in Air Beach

Turquoise Thursday- Airlie Beach, Australia
Sometimes it’s worth the wait…

Airlie Beach

In life, we often experience times when we are waiting for the storm to pass, metaphorically or literally speaking. When I arrived in Airlie Beach, I exited the Premier bus to be welcomed by nothing but gale force winds and rain. My first storm in Australia. Due to the fact that I am traveling for a total of 14 months, I can’t expect the weather to be perfect all the time. I need to be realistic in the fact that storms come and go and my plans might be intermitadely put on hold. Yet, I couldn’t help but be disappointed that mother nature was raining on my parade. This was one of those rare instances when I needed to be patient for the storm to pass and for better days to arrive.

Airlie Beach

My 2 night 3 day sailing trip around the Whitsunday Islands was cancelled due to the impending cyclone forecasted to reach the mainland in a day (the day after I arrived). The sky was black and it appeared that the wind and rain came from out of sight. No longer could I see the brilliant turquoise coastline, everything turned to various shades of grey. I was stuck in Airlie Beach waiting for the storm to pass so that I could reach my ultimate dream turquoise destination.

Airlie Beach

My hopes of reaching the Whitsundays grew less and less as my impatience grew with each additional night. Yet, with each additional day it was getting a bit brighter, but would it be enough to go out on the water? After waiting three days with little hope of getting on a boat trip I started to think maybe I should continue North. Maybe seeing Whitehaven Beach and Inlet Beach were not meant to be.Would the weather ever clear up? With numerous tours and hostels already planned and pre-booked, I knew I didn’t have much time to work with. With the limited time I had left, I knew a 3 day sailing trip would no longer work with my schedule. A day trip would have to do, if that.

Airlie Beach

Although I was sad I wouldn’t get on the sailing trip I hoped for, there was still the bleak chance that I would get out on a day trip when the storm passesd. I was willing to take anything then nothing. I really didn’t want to continue to Townsville and Magnetic Island and miss one of the world’s beaches. The Whitsunday Islands is a place every traveller in Australia should see. After seeing pictures of the Whitsundays I dreamed of going there and knew it could be a reality when I arrived to Australia. I was not giving up!

Airlie Beach

After waiting 4 days for the storm to pass, the sky opened up, the sun came out, and the water glistened. On a whim (a blessing), I got booked on a day trip with Ocean Rafting to visit the amazing Whitsunday Islands. The wait was worth it after all! If I had of moved on with the majority of people I would have missed visiting a place I dreamed about. I don’t know if and when I will make it back to Australia so I didn’t want to miss out on an opportunity to visit the Southern Great Barrier reef islands before leaving. My persistence (even with my impatience) paid off.

This particular storm was brought into my life to teach me to slow down, be patient, and to be ready for the true beauty that awaits me after the storm. When the storm finally passed, it brought with it the dark clouds; nothing but blue sky and white fluffy marshmallows could be seen in every direction. The perfect day for me to see the Whitsunday Islands was given to me. It couldn’t have been a better day even though I had to endure a storm to get it while having less time there. Everything happens for a reason and this situation proves that yet again.

Stay tuned for pictures of this magnificent place! Here is a sneak peek…


Whitehaven Beach

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