Touring Magnetic Island in a 4×4

Magnetic Island

As I mentioned in my last post, while touring Magnetic Island, which is a short ferry ride from Townsville, Australia I rented a 4×4 with a friend I met a week prior in Noosa. We reunited at Base Hostel in Nelly Bay on Magnetic Island. What better way to see the little quaint island then with your own vehicle?

Magnetic Island


Magnetic IslandWith an off-roading vehicle we were able to go where cars cannot. Most of Magnetic Island’s dirt roads are full of pot holes and craters. Getting around the island without a vehicle would be difficult as the busses (which do offer an excellent hop on hop off day pass for only $7) only go to limited places. Renting a sedan is not an option either as rented sedans are not allowed on many of the dirt tracks. A 4×4 was really the only way to go for us to see all of the island.
Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island

Can you see our 4×4?

We set off early in the morning to not return until late evening. With our sturdy 4×4 we were able to go places not all travelers get to see. Some of the places we visited were secluded beaches that looked like they were from a movie. The lush green mountains towering over the beach palms were a dream. Our dirty 4×4 sat near the beach in the valley looking so small compared to its surroundings. Our day didn’t end until after we watched the sun set on the most North Western part of the island, the only place on the Eastern Island to see the sunset. The drive back from West Point along the bumpy dirt road in the dark with no street lights was an eerie drive back.
Magnetic Island


Although driving on the left in a manual vehicle with no power steering was a new experience for me as a Canadian who drives on the right, shifts on the right, and has power steering, it was still one of my favorite tours! Not to mention that I got to experience it with a new friend. Being able to go where I want, when I want, and for how long I want is so freeing and one of the benefits of doing my my tour.
Magnetic Island

Top Sights on Magnetic Island:

Base Hostel- On Nelly Bay Beach-

Magnetic Island
Horseshoe Bay-

Magnetic Island
Bungalow Bay Koala Village-

Magnetic Island
Forks Hike-

Magnetic Island
Magnetic Island National Park-

Magnetic Island
Radical Bay-

Magnetic Island
Florence Bay-

Magnetic Island
Rock Wallaby Feeding in Arcadia-

Magnetic Island
Sunset at West Point-

Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island is a hidden gem in Australia. With only two hostels on the island, few backpackers travel there compared to other Australian tourist destinations. I felt like I had a piece of Australia all to myself with few people around and with its secluded beaches. I was happy that I decided to visit Magnetic Island because I hadn’t planned to when I first arrived. There are just so many places to see in Australia. Maggie Island is defiantly worth the visit if time allows.

Magnetic Island







21 thoughts on “Touring Magnetic Island in a 4×4

    • It is amazing! Have you been? You better get yourself to Queensland, among other places in Oz. There is so much to do in you own country, although pricey for locals to travel. It’s often much cheaper for Ozzies to travel abroad. 😦 Too bad though.
      Jessica, Turquoise Compass

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  2. Please tell me that you rented the mini pink neon convertibles with barbie embroidered on the seats! I was IN LOVE when I saw them! However, I cannot drive manuel, so i was restricted to a way less exciting car! Hope you had a blast! ~C

    • haha, we wanted to soooooooo bad, BUT with that vehicle we wouldn’t have been able to go down any of the dirt track roads. We rented an off-roading vehicle instead (it was cheaper too–and you know me, cheaper is best). I did take a picture of the pink and TURQUOISE one though! They are so cute! Glad you remember them.

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