Where Turquoise Water Meets Turquoise Architecture – The BVI´s

Guest Post by: City Sea Country

This article is a glance back for me. Years ago I was lucky enough to live and work on a catamaran (Catana 58) as a private teacher for two girls. We sailed 5 of 10 months (after sailing the Med and crossing the Atlantic Ocean) in the Caribbean.

At one stage we sailed from Anguilla to the British Virgin Islands (BVI´s). Turquoise water and turquoise buildings. Perfect! Turquoise is one of my favorite colors. Virgin Gorda – one of the islands – which name means fat virgin in Spanish got its name because the silhouette of the island looks like a girl lying on her side (guess some man had a vivid imagination). At Virgin Gorda I had the best and cutest neighbour ever. Do you agree?

City Sea Country

A perfect place for stepping into turquoise water is The Baths at Virgin Gorda. Beautiful rock formations to climb and hike through will bring you to a little, secluded beach named Devil´s Bay.

City Sea Country

But not only the water is stunning. At Tortola in the harbour called Sopper´s Hole you will find colorful buildings, one of them turquoise.

City Sea Country

That´s what I call Caribbean feeling. The BVI´s are a great place to indulge into turquoise beauty. But the islands of the British Virgin Islands are not the only great place to see in the Caribbean. If you want to know about my 10 best places in the Caribbean or about turquoise places in Laos or Southern France just take a look at my blog.

About Christina from City Sea Country.

My name is Christina and I am in my thirties. I am from Austria and I like to escape the beautiful Alps as often as possible.

My travel bug started with 14 when I was visiting my relatives in California. Since then I traveled many countries.

Now I love to travel with my boyfriend Thomas. He makes videos and I am the writer and photographer behind City Sea Country.

City Sea Country

City Sea Country

13 thoughts on “Where Turquoise Water Meets Turquoise Architecture – The BVI´s

  1. What a fabulous guest post, and what an awesome turquoise shrine you are creating here! I love that color even more now than I did before. 🙂 Thanks for visiting friendly fairy tales. We are both CS Lewis lovers. 🙂 Warmly, Brenda


    • You are bang on the mark here Brenda. I never expected Turquoise Compass to turn out the way it has, but I am loving it all! The more I write about turquoise destinations the more turquoise is being shown to me everywhere I look. There is something magical, grounding, and almost therapeutic about the colour isn’t it. Thanks for your readership and comment!
      Jessica, Turquoise Compass


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