Bucket List Adventures on Australia’s East Coast


Waiting for the wave

As I mentioned in a previous post, Australia’s East Coast is a place where I completed countless bucket list items and adventure sports. Visiting Australia’s East Coast is a dream come true for me. Exploring the Eastern region of Australia for 6 weeks allowed me to complete countless items on my bucket list. From hang-gliding to sand-boarding I tried to do it all. I like to think I am an adventurous person, although not fearless, I am open to experiencing anything unique and out of the ordinary.

Here is a glimpse of my adventure tour of Australia’s East Coast:

1. Exploring Sydney in a Ferrari
2. Getting up close and personal with Kangaroos on the Gold Coast
3. Hang-gliding over Byron Bay
4. Canoeing the Noosa Everglades
5. Body-boarding in Noosa’s waves
6. Sand-boarding in Rainbow Beach
7. Camping with the Dingoes on World Heritage Fraser Island 
8. Adventure boating and snorkeling the Whitsunday Islands
9. Touring Magnetic Island in a 4×4
10. Feeding wild Rock Wallabies on Maggie Island
11. Sailing the Great Barrier Reef
12. Scuba Diving and snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef
13. Getting off the beaten path in Daintree Rainforest (the world’s oldest living rainforest), Cape Tribulation, and Mossman Gorge

My 13 favorite activities on the East Coast represent everything Eastern Australia has to offer: turquoise water, one of a kind landscapes, unique and interesting animals, World Heritage Listed ecosystems, and one of the seven wonders of the world.

What would you like to do on Australia’s East Coast?


25 thoughts on “Bucket List Adventures on Australia’s East Coast

    • It is definitely amazing! I don’t know if I am actually not afraid of anything or if I have the courage to try things and test my limits, but I am enjoying doing it all.
      Thanks for the comment.
      Jessica, Turquoise Compass

      • You are fearless. That is wonderful. I have conquered a lot of other fears, so I am really please with myself. Last week I spoke in front of at least 32 people in a tutor master class, and I was hardly nervous. I had a huge clap with compliments of being engaging, enthusiastic, passionate, interesting, and earlier in the day what I said was “inspirational.”

      • Look at you go! That’s amazing. Not a lot of people can speak in front of crowds. As a teacher and workshop facilitator, I am required to speak in front of people as part of my job, but it didn’t come naturally. I had to learn to be confident. Courage is the key to overcoming any fear. Of course they clapped and encouraged you because you have so many intelligent things to share with others. Will you be speaking again?

      • Thanks so much for your encouragement and kind words. I teach a very small group for the Blogging as an aid to recovery course. Eventually I want to be a successful entrepreneur and speak on the stage in London but I have a way to go before that. I don’t know if and when we are having another Tutor masterclass.

    • Great! Book mark it girl (or re-blog if you like) and keep it for future reference. Congratulations on finding out that you will be going to Australia. Where are you flying in and for how long will you have in Oz?
      Jessica, Turquoise Compass

  1. Definitely gonna visit Australia after reading this blog. The pics are awesome. Canoeing, swimming and touring are my things. The best of luck to U ;D

    • I can’t believe I have managed to fit it all in! Now I am trying to figure out what to add to my bucket list for the remainder of this year. I completed so many items in Australia I need to be creative in finding new and unique things to do and try.
      Do you have things you want accomplish this year?

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