My First Sighting of Wild Kangaroos

Photo of the Week- Margaret River, Australia

Finally! I can say that I have seen wild kangaroos in Australia. Throughout my time in the Margaret River area, I saw an abundance of kangaroos every day. What an amazing experience!

Margaret River


11 thoughts on “My First Sighting of Wild Kangaroos

      • Well, I just moved to Okinawa. So I think mainland Japan will be my first stop! Hopefully Kyoto. Taking baby steps 🙂

      • Great! For sure, that’s all you can do. It is part of the journey for sure. Is there something specific you like to do in each destination that you visit? For me, it is definitely beaches, coastal views, and nature. I love exploring small towns as well and finding one of a kind spots.

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  3. Seeing big kangaroos hopping along out in the open is amazing. Suburban kangaroos that live on the urban fringes and along river tracts of land and are accustomed to seeing people are quite inquisitive too.

    • Sorry I’ve been out of touch; I am back in action again (I bet you know how that is). Stay tuned for more regular postings! I’d love it if you could tell me what you’d like to see more of: travel, bucket list, pilot-wife-life, lifestyle, yoga, or turquoise inspiration (or all of the above, lol)!
      Jessica, Turquoise Compass

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