Tasting and Sipping My Way through Margaret River

You can’t visit Western Australia without visiting stunning Margaret River in South West Australia. Margaret River (277 kilometres south of Perth) is known for its astound Australian wine production and tourism. The Mediterranean weather is perfect for vineyards and wine production. Many visit Margaret River to escape the extreme summer heat and harsh winter temperatures. The beautiful green landscape has vines covering over 50 square kilometres and over 140 wineries in the area; the South West region is the perfect place for a tasting and sipping tour. Although wineries range in size, most are small intimate family run wineries with their own unique style and feel. Touring the one of kind wineries and expansive properties was a post card perfect view of Australia-a different experience for me in Australia.

Margaret River


Margaret River

Margaret River Chocolate Co.

I like to think of myself as more of a traveler than a tourist; I’m a backpacker after all. In each destination that I visit I like to immerse myself in the culture as much as I can.  I liked that Margaret River had the small town feel and that I had ample opportunities to talk with winery owners and get to know people. After all, getting to know people is what traveling is all about. I liked the slow paced culture and calm of South Western Australia. The beaches are breathtaking, the landscape is stunning, and the people are incredible. Taking my time to stop at the various wineries and eateries throughout Margaret River was a one of a kind experience in Australia. Less adventure activities and more relishing the moment.

Margaret River


Margaret RiverBetter yet, I got to experience Margaret River with a friend from Canada. We teach together in my city and she is currently living in Perth on a teacher exchange. We couldn’t have been more lucky to both be in Australia at the same time. She on exchange and myself on sabbatical. We decided to plan a trip to Margaret River to explore the region (she is an avid wine lover) and to get out of the city for the weekend.  With me loving the beach as much as I do and she loving wine even more, Margaret River was the perfect destination for us.  It has the best of both worlds: turquoise and vineyards.  To be sure she enjoyed her day…I was the skipper. Skipper Jess!

Margaret River


The Wine- Our Sipping Tour:

  1. Redgate Wines: We tasted different grape varieties

    Margaret River


  2. Leeuwin Estate: Tried my first ever (and the best) Sauvignon Blanc Semillon
  3. Watershed Premium Wines: The most stunning vineyard landscape I have ever seen
  4. Voyager Estate: The most amazing rose gardens and green pathways
  5. McHenry Hohen: Incredible Amigos wine blends
  6. Edward Wines: Brian Edwards flew the Matilda 12000 nautical miles (15 years of planning), flying from the UK to Perth. The Matilda is now sitting at Edward Wines for viewing (see photo below).
Margaret River

Wine Tasting

7. Vasse Felix- A vast elegant property with duck ponds
8. Cheeky Monkey Brewery: The best apple cider of the tour
9. Killerby Wine: Tried my first sparkling red wine
10. Lenton Brae: Small family run vineyard with the personal touch (including a home tour)
11. Bettenany Wines: My first time trying a chile rose and sweet nougat liquors
12. Duckstein Brewery: Learning more and more about cider varieties
13. Happs: The BEST pink and white fuchsia

Margaret River

The Wineries

Margaret River

Margaret River Nougat Co.

The Food- Our Tasting Tour:

1. Margaret River Bakery- The best breakfast Quiche Lorraine I have had in Australia

2. Olio Bello- Tried dozens of olive oil varieties (lime olive oil…yum!)

3. Margaret River Nougat Co.: The honey and almond nougat is yummy!

4. Margaret River Chocolate Co.: Beautifully turquoise wrapped chocolates and treats

Margaret River

Food Tasting

The weather was sensational, the landscape was stunning,  the food was savory, the wine was succulent, and the beaches were spectacular. Our personally designed three day tour of the Margaret River region couldn’t have been better.  I can’t wait to go back.

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