Your Next Getaway is Closer Than You Think!

Guest Post by: Local Home Swap

Local Home Swap

Being involved with home swapping has allowed me to travel the world while only paying for my transportation. But now, with work and other demands, travelling abroad is becoming less frequent. Yet with still having the need to regularly get away, I came upon the perfect solution – house swapping locally where the swap is only a road trip away. Here homeowners trade their city homes for country retreats and vice versa offering everyone a much needed change of pace without the stress of a long distance trip.


The Pool

In looking closely at the concept, I was thrilled with the ease of its preparation. I would no longer need to spend the countless hours that’s usually required when planning an international exchange. Nor would I need to pay the steep price for an airline ticket. All I would need would be a full tank of gas in my vehicle and I’d be on my way.

I was also delighted with the many other benefits of swapping locally such as reducing any unknowns by talking directly to my swapping partner or having the option to have a pre-vacation visit to the home to ensure that it would meet all my needs. Most importantly, the flexibility of swapping locally offers the perfect solution as it allows me to take several mini-vacations throughout the year. I no longer need to cash in all my vacation days at once for an extended trip down south or abroad because sometimes all I need is a weekend escape to recharge my batteries.

Cottage huge windows

Cottage with huge windows

Swapping locally is also ideal for the novice swapper who has heard of the concept and wants to give it a try to see if it’s right for them. For seasoned swappers, it’s a chance to getaway and rejuvenate in surroundings not far from home but light years away from everyday routine. It’s also a great accommodation alternative when visiting one’s children at university or attending an organized sports tournament or class reunion.

And the best part when swapping homes with someone who is only a road-trip away, if the weather forecast looks unfavourable, the swap can be postponed to a time when the weather is more pleasant. There are no airline tickets to cancel!

ottawa market

Ottawa market

The concept of swapping locally was conceived by Montreal-based Catherine Massé when she traded her city home for a weekend getaway with a friend’s home in the country. After a 45 minute drive, Massé and her family were instantly surrounded by the calmness of a country setting while her friend’s weekend was filled with the vibrancy of city life. “We both enjoyed the best that each other’s world had to offer and it was the least complicated (and least expensive) vacation I’ve ever planned for my family” recalls Massé.

Seeing a need to make home swapping more accessible to all homeowners (and not just to those who live in popular tourist destinations) and after experiencing all the countless benefits of exchanging, Local Home Swap was created. The community is made up of like-minded travellers who support the sharing economy concept. And as part of a community, mutual respect is one of the natural results of sharing, with members caring for each other’s homes as though they were their own. It’s a true win-win!

Ottawa fireworks

Ottawa fireworks

For a limited time, Local Home Swap is offering free annual memberships. It’s a great way to experience a home exchange and to save hundreds to thousands of dollars on your next vacation. Join this growing community of home swappers and discover why your next escape is closer (and sooner) than you think!


About Sandra from Local Home Swap

City Views

City Views

This post has been written by Sandra Pearson, a serial home swapper based in Toronto, Ontario. Driven to have everyone try a home swap at least once, Sandra recently joined Local Home Swap to make swapping easier and more accessible to everyone. She has shared this passion recently when interviewed by the Globe and Mail’s Travel Concierge. Whether travelling or at home, Sandra is always available to answer your home swapping questions.

14 thoughts on “Your Next Getaway is Closer Than You Think!

  1. It’s a great idea… I just need a half decent home to swap now! Have you ever had any bad experiences with home swapping? Coming home to find the place not quite how you left it? I imagine it happens….

      • Hi Andrew,

        Good question and I’m asked this frequently… With home swapping, someone is living in your home and enjoying its space.. just as you are doing the same in their home. Finding things out of place can occur and there are several things you can do to lessen this worry such as;

        – stowing away any high value items or items that you have a sentimental attachment to (that you would be upset if broken, etc)

        – outlining any quirks in your home that your guests need to be aware of

        – providing a list of your ‘house rules’ to your guests such as not permitting smoking or pets in your home

        – providing a contact number so that your guests can call you with any questions or in an emergency

        With knowing your swapping partner, there is a mutual respect for each others home. Although you may find a few items out of place, it is a very small issue when compared to all the benefits that you have enjoyed during your getaway.

        Thanks again Andrew for your question and please let me know if I can answer anything else for you. There are many more tips offered on our website through our blogs that you may also find helpful.

        Sandra Pearson

      • Great answers for Andrew, and valuable information here Sandra for me as well. I’d like to start swapping myself in the fall!
        Jessica, Turquoise Compass

      • You’re very welcome Jessica and glad to hear that the information is useful to you! We are currently offering free annual memberships for anyone who signs up. By signing up now, you are guaranteed that the fee will be waived!

      • Hi Jessica, We are offering a free annual membership to all new sign-ups until July 1st, 2014. Thank you again for your interest and please let me know if you have any other questions. Warm Regards, Sandra

      • Thankls Sandra, agree great answers – I think actually that there’s a blog post in there! No really – would be an interesting read – setting up a house swap agreement basics, something like that! thanks

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