Touring Mornington Peninsula in the Drizzle

Mornington Peninsula

mornington peninsulaEven though the majority of days in south eastern Australia have been rain, drizzle, cold, and windy (I can count how many times the sun has been out since I arrived in Melbourne) I didn’t want that to stop me from exploring. I have been told countless times that this is the typical fall weather for Melbourne. The weather has been quite a shock in comparison to Queensland and western Australia, but the landscape is still just as breathtaking. I can’t expect the weather to be in favour all the time, especially since I have been traveling full time for 10 months and with 4 months left. There is no better way to lift my spirit then to go on an adventure, yes even in the drizzle.

Mornington Peninsula

mornington peninsulaThe Mornington Peninsula is located south east of Melbourne and is surrounded by Port Phillip to the west, Western Port to the east and Bass Strait to the south, and connected to the mainland in the north. Although only an hour’s drive from Melbourne, it has its own unique air about it similar to the Mediterranean with its olive groves, vineyards, turquoise coastal views, and historic country retreats. Not to mention, the Peninsula Hot Springs is an added bonus in the area perfect for relaxing on our cold wet day. We lounged in the hot spring pools for hours relaxing our tired surfed-out muscles from our previous trip to Phillip Island.


mornington peninsula

Mornington Peninsula After our gourmet breakfast (I love breakfast, it’s my favorite meal of the day) at a café in Sorrento, we went to explore the Mornington Peninsula National Park and Point Nepean National Park. The parks were out of this world with pristine view top lookouts, turquoise rock pools, lush green landscapes, secluded beaches, and powerful waves where only the experienced surfers venture. Even with no sun, I could see the brilliant turquoise water along the coast. After seeing the Mornington Peninsula in the drizzle I knew I would make it my mission to see it again in the sun. Mornington Peninsula

What we did in the Mornington Peninsula:

  1. Breakfast at a café in SorrentoMornington Peninsula
  2. Walk around the colourful shops in Portsea
  3. Hike in Point Napean National Park
  4. Check out the turquoise beaches in Mornington Peninsula National Park
  5. Relax in the hot springs at the Peninsula Hot Springs
  6. Watch surfers from the outlooks
  7. Talk to the friendly locals about the area
  8. Dance in the rain
  9. Reminisce about my travels
  10. Laugh and joke with friends

Mornington Peninsula


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