A Day with Surf and Fitness Journey: Mornington Peninsula

Mornington Peninsula

Prior to coming to Australia, I connected online with blogger Amy from Surf and Fitness Journey. We have been following each others blogs for some time now. When she heard that I would be coming to Melbourne she offered to meet up with me where she grew up: the turquoise Mornington Peninsula. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day touring the Mornington Peninsula with my new friend and personal tour guide. Her knowledge of the area is beyond compare. Both Amy and I share a passion for the ocean as we both grew up by the sea. It was refreshing to be able to connect with another kindred spirit with a love for the beach.

Mornington Peninsula

How fitting that Amy wore a turquoise shirt for her day with Turquoise Compass

The places Amy brought me to were beyond anything I could have imagined that I would see in the Mornington Peninsula. I never would have imagined that I would see some of the most beautiful turquoise views in south east Australia. My day with Amy is one of my highlights in south eastern Australia and I was blessed to be able to share the perfectly planned day with the inspiring blogger. Her surf and fitness journey has moulder her into the person she is today. Her love of the sea is as vibrant and passionate as mine. Throughout the day, we often both stood in awe of what we were seeing while silently sharing that sacred moment together.

Mornington Peninsula

Cape Schanck

Amy Brought Me to See:

Franklin’s Lookout with a view of Port Phillip Bay & Arthur’s Seat Summit
Mornington Peninsula

Point Leo-Western Port BayMornington Peninsula

Mornington Peninsula


West Head at Mornington Peninsula National Park

Mornington Peninsula

Peninsula National Park

Cape Schanck

Mornington Peninsula

Cape Schanck

Cape Schack Lighthouse

Mornington Peninsula

Cape Schank Lighthouse

Gunnamatta Beach

Mornington Peninsula

Gunnamatta Beach

Rye Pier

Mornington Peninsula


Our day could have been a fatal one for us as we encountered a tiger snake while leaving Gunnamatta Beach. If we had of been walking on the other side of the path, the metre long snake would have surely bit us because we wouldn’t have seen it and walked right into it (it was already halfway on the path). Luckily, we were on the opposite side of the track and had time to react (I saw it in my peripheral) to this extremely venomous snake. As soon as I noticed the snake, I grabbed Amy’s arm and said run! Confused and unsure, Amy followed my instruction and ran quickly ahead. Once we were at a safe distance, we stopped and I explained to her what I just saw. The episode must have scared the fear of snakes right out of her because we both quickly started snapping photos of the slithering snake. As I inched closer and closer Amy yelled nervously, don’t get too close.

Mornington Peninsula

Mornington PeninsulaTiger snake bites lead to death if not treated immediately. You have to love Australia for their deadly animals and landscape. There is always a price to be paid for visiting such a beautiful country. Ironically, Amy and I were just discussing earlier about her fear of snakes and the fact that (even as an Australian) she has never seen a snake in the wild. After seeing 4 myself in just 2.5 months, I was shocked to know that she hadn’t seen any throughout her entire life in Australia. Of course it would be with me when she would see the deadliest one. Not only did we see a snake, but we also saw a cute echidna. I think the thought of snakes frightened her more than actually experiencing one in person. She was a champ.

Mornington Peninsula

The Mornington Peninsula has its own apostle at Cape Schanck

Our beautiful day quickly came to an end after we enjoyed our lunch under the sun in the small town of Coast and stopped for a leisurely stroll along Rye’s pier. I couldn’t have planned a more perfect day myself. I can’t thank Amy enough for her generosity and willingness to show a crazy Canadian around her special place (including some of her favorite secret spots). It’s inspiring to be able to meet other bloggers met online and learn from them.

Coast for Lunch

Stopping for lunch in the town of Coast

Amy also wrote about her day with me on her blog; you can read it here.

37 thoughts on “A Day with Surf and Fitness Journey: Mornington Peninsula

      • As soon as I finish uni. My mum has always wanted to go to Canada so I figure a nice mother-daughter trip would be just what we need.
        I’m going up to Sydney for the day in June to see my favourite author give a speech about marine conservation. I’m proud that I’m getting that far! Haha. Especially because I’ll be going solo. You’ve inspired me to get out of the box! x

      • Amazing! Mother and daughter trips are always the best. My mom and I started doing annual trips last year. So much fun! Last year we went to the Dominican and this year we are planning Ireland.
        Me inspire you? Awesome! I can’t wait to read/see all about it. I love Sydney and the BEACHES. Go girl go!

  1. Seems like you are having a great time in Melbourne, that is so lovely to see/read. For the record I have never seen a snake outside of a zoo/sanctuary either and I have lived in Melbourne the majority of my life.

    • Yes, it was one big snake. One I hoped not to see. You are welcome. I DO have pictures of spiders, but I opted not to post those pictures. I take it spiders scare you more than snakes?

      • Yup!!! And thank you for not posting pics of the gigantic plate-sized spiders I know they have over there (ick! LOL) :0) (p.s. I am very happy for you that you are getting to explore so much of the world! I love to see people smiling and enjoying themselves!) Still enjoying your blog a lot!

    • Yes, I loved more than I thought I ever could. I hope to go back again in the future if ever I make it back to that part of the world. I am sure I will find (and fall in love with) other turquoise wonders. It seems to happen over and over again. What’s your favorite turquoise destination?
      Jessica, Turquoise Compass

    • Thank you so much. Glad you enjoyed my “story” so to speak. I love talking so writing about it is a great outlet for me when traveling solo. Photography is a great addition to the words.
      Jessica, Turquoise Compass

  2. Wow!! It looks absolutely amazing! Would love to walk along Rye Pier myself one day 🙂 I’m so glad you ran from the snake!!! Great photos, loved your blog thank you for sharing 🙂

    • Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I am glad you enjoyed reading about my Australian experiences. Rye Pier, on the day we went, was stunning. I hope you get to experience it some day as well. Do you have plans to visit Australia in the near future?
      Jessica, Turquoise Compass

      • My parents nearly emigrated there just before I was born, but sadly changed their minds at the very last minute! So I’ve always wanted to go because it feels like on some level I have a connection to it?

        Your post was incredible I loved it, it made me want to visit even more 🙂

        I hope you have had a great weekend, God bless you lots and keep up the wonderful work 🙂

      • You should go. I’m glad my post made you
        want to visit even more. I’ve often had a connection with a place even prior to visiting (which I’ve had with Australia and Hawaii) and once I visited those places they were even better than I could have imagined. Be sure to let me know if ever you get the chance to visit.

      • I will do 🙂

        I can’t believe that you went to Hawaii to that is also on my top 5 places to visit.

        Have a wonderful day God bless you lots 🙂

      • Hawaii is spectacular! Check it out on my blog by typing in Hawaii in “search” box on the homepage. I’ve also recently visited Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Florida, and California in the last 10 months as well.

      • I think you are a kindred spirit you seem to have gone to so many of the places that I would love to go to 🙂

        I will most definitely be revisiting your blog to take a look, thank you 🙂

        I hope that you have a wonderful, God bless you lots 🙂

      • Thank you so much! You are too kind. I hope you will be able to visit all the places I have visited. They are amazing. Please, come back again and comment. I love hearing your feedback.

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