Heads Up, Kangaroos on the Golf Course

My second time seeing wild kangaroos along the Great Ocean Road was much more dramatic than the first time I saw them in western Australia. Apparently, their place of choice for a late afternoon snack is the golf course in Anglesea. They frequent the area regardless of the flying golf balls. I’ve been told that it’s not a surprise when kangaroos get hit by golf balls. Their taste for the lush green grass on the course is too strong to let the golf balls deter them.  Some have been seen so often that they have been tagged and named. The almost tame kangaroos were not bothered by my presence.

Kangaroos in Anglesea

Hi, my name is Jim!

Kangaroos in AngleseaKangaroos in AngleseaKangaroos in AngleseaKangaroos in AngleseaKangaroos in AngleseaKangaroos in AngleseaKangaroos in AngleseaKangaroos in Anglesea

There is something about kangaroos that peaks my interest. When the adults stand up and curiously peer at me, their gigantic stature is almost intimidating. Yet, there is still an urge in me to run over and give my new furry friends a hug–of course, I resist this psychotic urge. I’m happy to keep my distance and observe them from afar, while they quietly hop around and enjoy an afternoon appetizer or siesta. Seeing them this close up was a dream come true. When I decided to visit Australia the first thought that popped in my mind was that I was going to see kangaroos in their natural habitat. I never expected that a golf course would be considered part of their natural habitat, but for some reason these kangaroos call this course home.

16 thoughts on “Heads Up, Kangaroos on the Golf Course

  1. Wow now that’s a pic you don’t see everyday. Playing golf there will get you value for the money not only burns calories. you will bring home some nice fresh meat to the table 🙂

    • Hey, I am glad you have contacted me. It’s so nice to connect with other travel bloggers. I am glad you found me through Maldives Dreamer. I love her blog too! I’m so happy to have you along for the journey! I’ve liked your page as well.
      Stay in touch,

      • Thanks so much! It is always great to be inspired by other like minded traveller types!
        All the best.

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