Highlights of the Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road

Barwon Heads

After visiting the Great Ocean Road, I knew I wanted to see it a second time to stop at all the places I missed the first time around. The Great Ocean Road is a road trip I could do over and over again. The world renowned one of a kind turquoise coast was more than I could have expected. With no expectations prior to visiting, I was absolutely blown away by the incredible jagged coastline. The multi-coloured rock face along the cliffs was picture perfect. I honestly never thought that Australia could have such one of kind spots in every region I visited. At some point, I expected to be let down or that a place couldn’t top the prior, but Australia continued to leave me hanging on and wanting more.

Otway Forest & Beauchamp Falls

Otway Forest & Beauchamp Falls

Not only that, but the weather was perfect both times I traveled along the Great Ocean Road. Even with a bit of drizzle one day during my first trip, it was still the perfect temperature and weather for hiking inland in the rainforest and for a waterfall visit. The overcast sky made capturing the lush green landscape easy. The rest of the time was blue sunny skies and warm temperatures. I even braved a swim (without a wet suit) at Thirteenth Beach in the cold water on the warmest day. What a blessing it was to receive such weather considering the typical Melbourne fall weather was upon me: cold, windy, damp, and rainy. When it counted, luckily, the weather was in my favour.

Great Ocean Road

Thirteenth Beach

Barwon HeadsThe Great Ocean Road
Ocean GroveThe Great Ocean Road
Thirteenth BeachThe Great Ocean Road
Jan Juc Beach ViewpointThe Great Ocean Road
Point Addis & Addiscott BeachThe Great Ocean Road
Kangaroos in AngleseaThe Great Ocean Road
Airey’s Inlet LighthouseThe Great Ocean Road
LorneThe Great Ocean Road
Wild koala crossing in ColacThe Great Ocean Road
Cape Otway National ParkThe Great Ocean Road
Otway Forest & Beauchamp FallsThe Great Ocean Road
 Lavers Hill Animal SanctuaryThe Great Ocean Road
Castle Cove LookoutThe Great Ocean Road
Johanna BeachThe Great Ocean Road
12 ApostlesThe Great Ocean Road
Port CampbellThe Great Ocean Road
Loch Ard GorgeThe Great Ocean Road
TorquayThe Great Ocean Road
Bells BeachThe Great Ocean Road

For a coastal beach lover girl like me, the Great Ocean Road felt like home. Leaving the city for the coast was the best thing I could have done. Beach after beach, small town after small town, and stunning view after another, I could have stayed there for my entire time in south east Australia. Experiencing the Great Ocean Road on two different occasions gave me the opportunity to see the best views and visit both the inland and coastal destinations along the drive. From the popular iconic touristy spots like the Twelve Apostles to the secret local favorites like Johanna Beach, I saw the best of both worlds.

Loch Ard Gorge

Loch Ard Gorge

14 thoughts on “Highlights of the Great Ocean Road

  1. I went there 3 times and it was almost never sunny. You got to see it in its turquoise glory! On another note, we did stop for a great burger just before we reached the 12 Apostles. That’s where we were introduced to having a burger with a fried egg on it. It’s now a favourite at our house.

    • Thank you so much. Yes, the Great Ocean Road would be the perfect place to begin. Make sure you go in the summer. December and January would be perfect months for that. It gets quite cold in the fall and winter.

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