Picton’s Perfectly Picturesque Port

Although I only stayed in Picton for one night along the drive to Abel Tasman National Park, I found the small city charming. I couldn’t help but fall in love with the next door bakery, fish and chip shops, and second hand stores. I enjoyed wondering around the cute town in the quiet morning with the warm sun on my face. The art-deco buildings, palm tree lined streets, and welcoming harbour burrowed a place in my heart.



Have you found any unexpected treasures throughout your travel journey?

8 thoughts on “Picton’s Perfectly Picturesque Port

      • Oh yea! The best days were when beaches had beach glass. Where did it all go? Anyway, I used to spend hours every night just hanging out on the docks. Port Jefferson Harbor was a great place to grow up.

      • Sounds like a perfect upbringing to me. Yes, where did all the beach glass go? Whenever I am at a beach I always keep my eyes open for some and I rarely find it anymore. Maybe there is a beach glass monster out there hoarding all of it.

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