Abel Tasman National Park

Abel Tasman National Park

The drive from Kaikoura through Havelock and Nelson to Marahau was out of this world. The stunning mountain views were like a mirage in front of my very eyes. The drive from Kaikoura to Nelson is known as the winery route. Endless vineyards sit at the base of the mountains along the scenic drive. The backdrop was as if it were a painting, too good to be true. The drive from Nelson to Marahau was along a steep curvy road through the mountains. The magnificent views during the long slow drive made it worth it. As I sat silently on the bus looking out the window, I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else in that moment.

Abel Tasman National Park

Split Apple Rock

In Able Tasman National Park, I took an Aqua Taxi ride out to Anchorage, the starting point of my hike. Along the way, our skipper took the scenic route on the water to show us the iconic Split Apple Rock and an island where momma seals and their pups rest on the rocks. When he arrived at Anchorage Bay, I departed the boat on the beach to be wowed by the views around me in the National Park. To be at the beach and to be surrounded by mountains is a splendid thing.

Abel Tasman National Park

Anchorage Bay

I hiked 12.4 kilometres from Anchorage to Marahau along the Abel Tasman Coastal Track. Hiking in the mountains along the cost overlooking the turquoise-green ocean was exactly what I dreamed New Zealand to be. The lush brush and gigantic ferns protected me from the rain along the muddy track. In between moments of rain, the sun would shine through the clouds and a rainbow could be see in the distance behind the mountains and above the sea.

Abel Tasman National Park

Throughout the hike, I was able to stop at spectacular viewpoints on the coast overlooking Torrent Bay Inlet, Watering Cove, Observation Beach, Akersten Bay, Stilwell Bay, Adele Island, Fisherman Island, Appletree Bay, Coquille Bay, Tinline Bay, while ending at Sandy Beach at low tide. On the inland trail, we crossed over numerous creeks, rivers, and waterfalls. After a speedy boat trip out into the park, hiking was defiantly the best way to see Abel Tasman National Park to get a glimpse of the best views from the beaches, in the valleys, and at the mountain tops.

Abel Tasman National Park

8 thoughts on “Abel Tasman National Park

    • Mine too! So beautiful (and turquoise). It’s a great stop for camping, glamping, hiking, and kayaking as you have mentioned. Have a totally turquoise day.
      Jessica, Turquoise Compass

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