Cool Mornings and Autumn Colours in Lake Wanaka

New Zealand

In the early hours of the morning I pull myself out of bed to see the sun rise over Lake Wanaka. As I slowly wake and walk through Wanaka the skies begin to come to life. As I near the lake front, I am left gazing at the clouds and mist hovering around the mountains. The mountains surround the lake watching over it like a precious jewel. The lake sparkles from the reflection of the sun on its dark surface. In my eyes, this place is the sacred gem of the south island.

New Zealand

I’m surprised I didn’t trip over my own two feet as I walked toward the lake in a sort of coma-like trance. Whatever power the lake holds, it held its grip on me. Walking briskly around the lake in the cool Autumn morning was the best wake up call I could have asked for. Although I was sad to leave the warmth of Australia in exchange for colder weather, the sights make it all worth it. (Not to mention, I only have clothes appropriate for the tropics.) I wouldn’t change that moment even with the -1 Celsius early morning temperatures and frost on the ground.

New Zealand

This says a lot about New Zealand because I am not a fan of the cold weather even though I am Canadian. People think because I am Canadian I should be used to cold weather. I am not, nor do I think I ever could be. I’ve always coped through the winter weather making the best of it, but I am a summer baby to the core. After spending most of the last 10 months in hot countries, landing in New Zealand was a bit of a shock. Even still, New Zealand’s fall weather left me breathless and wanting to see more.

New Zealand

12 thoughts on “Cool Mornings and Autumn Colours in Lake Wanaka

    • No, it is not a beach, yet I too love Lake Wanaka. Wanaka is my second favorite destination on the south island in New Zealand. My first being Abel Tasman National Park. Wanaka was absolutely beautiful during the fall season. I wished I could have stayed for longer, yet I feel that way in many of the places I visit (I know you understand where I am coming from).
      Jessica, Turquoise Compass

    • Yes, it is a beautiful landscape in Wanaka. The crisp air, snow capped mountains, calm water, and colourful leaves brings the small town to life. I could have stayed there for a week taking in the scenes and enjoying the popular air activities in Wanaka.
      Jessica, Turquoise Compass

    • I’m so glad this is one of your must see destinations. It’s definitely a bucket list place to see. Be sure to go when Wanaka had their annual air show in April. I just missed it by a week.

    • I think New Zealand’s mountain views are all so different yet so beautiful. Some have lakes in the forefront, others have rivers, plains, fields, and forests. I never got tired of seeing the mountains.
      Jessica, Turquoise Compass

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