Turquoise Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown

While traveling throughout New Zealand I was always on the lookout for turquoise treasures (as I do in each destination that I visit). Typically, I visit very well-known turquoise places where turquoise can easily be spotted. New Zealand was a country where I had to search a little bit harder to find those turquoise spots, but I found them nonetheless. I knew prior to going to New Zealand that it is known for its mountains and not turquoise surroundings, yet I was constantly left excited to see the turquoise gems in each region. Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown

Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown Lake Wakatipu, QueenstownLake Wakatipu, Queenstown Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown

Although it was not summer when I visited Queenstown, Lake Wakatipu was still turquoise when viewed from certain place, while shimmering in the sunlight. If only I had the opportunity to see it during its summer turquoise glory. Due to the glacier run off in the lake, the lake’s colour changes throughout the year. I didn’t expect to see as much turquoise as I had in New Zealand. From glaciers, rivers, pools, to Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown I found turquoise in New Zealand. New Zealand exceeded my expectations and truly has it all (including an abundance of sheep).

12 thoughts on “Turquoise Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown

    • Thank you so much. If you get the opportunity, Queenstown is definitely worth the visit and considered New Zealand’s most famous destination (and adventure capitol of the southern hemisphere-in the world) on the south island.

  1. So wonderful to meet you and learn about your life, and travels. Thanks for stopping by at my blog on roughwighting. I’m in awe of your adventurousness and courage. I never had the ‘travel bug’ until my nest was emptied. Now, I travel mostly between east coast and west coast of U.S., but I have visited Italy several times, as well as England, Switzerland, and other European destinations. But New Zealand is on my ‘could I ever get there, really?’ list. Our son enjoyed a semester abroad there, and said I’d love it. One of these days.

    • Hello fellow traveler!
      So glad to e-meet you too! It’s so exciting to meet new and inspiring travelers! Thanks for also stopping by my blog; I am always happy to support other bloggers! The blogging world is an amazing one to be a part of. Whether you were born to be a traveler, as I was, or if you grew into being a traveler…the traveling world is incredible and enriching. Thanks for your positive and encouraging comments. It’s always interesting to hear other peoples perception of my experience. Well, if you do make it to New Zealand (it’s AWESOME by the way) I’d be happy to help you in the planning stages!
      Keep traveling and talk soon!
      Jessica, Turquoise Compass

  2. You’re making me miss New Zealand! Queenstown is the most amazing and magical place.
    Did you get to go up on the gondola and look out on the lake and surrounding mountains?

    You’ll have to make a trip back during summer, the turquoise colours are incredible, and the atmosphere of Queenstown is infectious when it’s a bit warmer, too:)

    • Thank you for the detailed comment. I’m happy to know someone else loves New Zealand and Queenstown as much as I do. Like you said, it is one of the most magical and amazing places on earth–it is like no other place. It has so much to offer. I did not have time to go up the gondola while I was in Queenstown. With only three weeks in New Zealand (both the south and north islands), my trip was a whirl wind.
      Yes, you are right! I will have to make it back during the summer to see more and to enjoy warmer weather.
      Thanks for reminding me of my desire to return to NZ.
      Jessica, Turquoise Compass

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