Auckland’s Turquoise Waterfront and Wynyard Quarter

Upon arriving in Auckland, New Zealand the first place I headed while in the city was straight for its turquoise waterfront and Wynyard Quarter. I’ve always enjoyed spending time by the water (which you already know by now), but I especially enjoy wandering a city’s harbour front-it says a lot about a city. Auckland’s splendid harbour reminded me of my home province’s Halifax harbour. Although Auckland is a larger city than Halifax, Nova Scotia it still had many qualities which made it feel small, friendly, and comfortable.

Wynyard Quarter Wynyard Quarter Wynyard QuarterWynyard Quarter Wynyard Quarter Auckland

I spent one afternoon exploring the waterfront area in Auckland and I was left in awe admiring the turquoise shimmering water, yachts, and the Auckland Sky Tower hovering over the water from a distance. I could have spent days returning to the sea-side paradise basking in the sun, sipping on a Earl Grey Tea, and people watching the day away. Locals and tourists alike bustled along the boardwalks chatting with friends, talking photos, exercising, and admiring the views as I too was doing in that moment.

6 thoughts on “Auckland’s Turquoise Waterfront and Wynyard Quarter

    • Ironic that it was your first and my last! It reminded me of Halifax, but you are right…it has aspects of Vancouver in there too. Great point! We are so alike CTeacher!
      Jessica, Turquoise Compass

      • I don’t know! It could be that our minds think in the same ways! Always making connections and associations. I don’t think I could extract the teacher in me if I tried, nor do I want to. Too analytical for my own good.
        Jessica, Turquoise Compass

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