Whirl Wind Tour of Eastern Canada

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia

After traveling for 5 months straight in Canada, U.S., Australia, and New Zealand, it was nice to travel east–to eastern Canada that is. Since I hadn’t been in my own house since January 3rd 2014, a visit home in between trips was a nice treat. As much as I love traveling, going on trips, and exploring new places there is nothing better than returning home after a hyperactive tour of 4 countries in 5 months. I mentioned in a previous post last week that there comes a time when I just start to miss the simple comforts of home when on a long trip away. After over 24 hours of flying time and nearly three full days of transit, I landed in Nova Scotia to visit family and friends in south eastern Nova Scotia–the home of small coastal towns and amazing beaches.

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia

As people say, there is no place like home. As much and as often as I travel, eastern Canada holds a special place in my heart that no other can replace. I have been blessed to be able to return home every two to four months throughout the previous twelve months of my travels. Coming home in between trips is an opportunity for me to reconnect with family and friends, while getting a taste of normality before departing again for another long-haul journey abroad. My visits home are often quick-paced and short winded, but are often essential for me to get grounded after a trip and to reflect on all that I experienced before going out to experience more, especially when it’s a trip when I have experienced countless bucket list items and dream turquoise destinations.

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Foliage and Fauna

After spending nearly one week in Nova Scotia, I headed to New Brunswick to attend a wedding, visit more friends whom I hadn’t seen in over 6 months, and to relax with my loved ones before taking off again. Not to mention, it is always nice being home to switch up my clothes since I travel with only a carry-on and travel with limited items. My old clothes become new and exciting again! My two week visit in New Brunswick gave me the opportunity to get over my extreme jet-lag after 4 months in Oceania, stay in one place for longer than a few days, and to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Even though I was home for a short time, I still enjoyed being a tourist in my own province by touring around just as I would in any other place. It wasn’t difficult to fill up my two weeks before realizing it was time to leave again.

New Brunswick

New Brunswick

My short visit home gave me what I needed before leaving again for another trip. With no plans to return home until the end of August, I cherished the time I had in eastern Canada. My time was easily spent with family, friends, and in the beautiful scenery of eastern Canada. I’m ready to leave for another exciting journey abroad, but I know that my home will be there waiting for me when I return exhausted and stimulated after another bucket list tour of central and northern Canada, Cuba, and Europe. Stay tuned!

New Brunswick

Hiking in New Brunswick

27 thoughts on “Whirl Wind Tour of Eastern Canada

  1. My husband recently surprised me with plans for a long weekend in NS to do some tide line photography this coming July. Looking forward to it very much!

    • Oh wow, how exciting! Have you been to eastern Canada before, specifically Nova Scotia? You will love it. I love all of your beach inspired pictures. As you can probably tell from my blog I love the beach, the coast, the ocean, and a turquoise life!
      Jessica, Turquoise Compass

  2. The Maritimes are all gorgeous! So when do you visit your school? We are on the last 3 days here and then it’s time for my big trip West.

    • I visited my school already and nearly got toppled over when the students ran over to give me a hug. I never thought to write a post about that! It was nice to visit the students and teachers. I found out while I was home that I am switching schools and grade levels in the fall so it will be a whole new beginning when I go back to work in September!
      Jessica, Turquoise Compass

  3. This post got me very excited for my upcoming trip to the Maritimes. I am unexpectedly back in Canada for 6 weeks instead of 3 and decided it would be a good time to discover my own country. The plan is to drive from Montreal to P.E.I. with a stop in New Brunswick somewhere (still undecided!). It looks absolutely beautiful! 🙂

    • Great, how exciting!~ If you can squeeze in Nova Scotia, it’s worth the visit (and the best province in the Maritimes, hehe). Moncton and Fredericton in New Brunswick are great cities, but if you are looking for something more natural there are amazing provincial parks like Fundy or the beaches in Shediac. If you need help planning, I’m your gal!
      Jessica, Turquoise Compass

      • Thanks for the suggestions, Jessica! Haven’t booked anything yet, so there is definitely a lot of room for flexibility. I will keep these ideas in mind.

      • Hi Jessica,
        I’m leaving this week for a trip to PEI and will stop in Moncton on the way there and Fredericton on the way back. Any suggestions? I’m traveling with my mom and I don’t think she would like natural sights. Are there any sights, restaurants, or activities that we should check out? Thanks!

      • Awww I so wish I was in Canada or else I could have showed you around, but I am currently in Switzerland.

        Here are some highlights-

        Moncton- Pumphouse Brewery, Old Triangle Restaurant, Magnetic Hill, walk around downtown, Mapleton Park, Centennial Park, Tidal Boar, shopping mall, Trinity shopping center, Cafe Archibald, Moncton Market, Dieppe Market
        Fredericton- Walk along the river, walk downtown, Moncton Market, Blue Door Restaurant, Luna Pizza
        PEI- Charlottetown, Summerside, dinner theatre, beaches, Anne of Green Gables house, Cows ice cream

        Good luck!!!! I can’t wait to hear about it!

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