Moncton’s Marriott Residence Inn

Moncton Residence Inn

Moncton Residence InnAfter days of travel from Oceania to eastern Canada and after spending nearly a week in Nova Scotia, I made it back to New Brunswick. My jet-lag body was yearning for relaxation, yet my mind was busy thinking about all of the things I wanted to do before leaving again. I was excited to make it back to my home province after spending months away to recoup and rejuvenate before my next journey abroad. With only a short amount of time in New Brunswick, I wanted to take advantage of every opportunity I had to sample the best of what Moncton has to offer, just as I would in any city while traveling. The Moncton Residence Inn welcomed me home with open arms. Although I wasn’t in my home per say, the Moncton Residence Inn couldn’t have been closer to it. Moncton Residence Inn

The Moncton Residence Inn has all the amenities any home would have. It literally is a home away from home. From the moment I stepped into my room, I couldn’t have felt more at home. With a beautiful and comfortable sleeping area (I think the bed is actually more comfortable than my bed at home), bright living space, spacious bathroom, expansive wardrobe and vanity, and a full piece kitchen, I made myself right at home within minutes. The hotel even provides microwave popcorn in all of their rooms to make their guests feel even more at home, which is a unique addition and bonus. For me, popcorn will fix any problem; it’s my favorite treat! The view of downtown Moncton from my window warmed my heart as I reminisced about all of the good times I’ve had in the center of the Maritimes. It felt good to be back. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to make me feel at home after months of sleeping in hostels and never staying in the same place for longer than a few days. Moncton Residence Inn

Moncton Residence Inn The Moncton Residence Inn is located conveniently on Main Street, in the heart of downtown Moncton. I was able to walk from the hotel to some of my favorite downtown Moncton restaurants, including Moncton’s Pump House which is known for its wood-fired pizza (the best in town) and blueberry beer which they brew in their very own microbrewery. In a familiar place, I no longer had to think about where to go, where to eat, what to do, and how to get there. For the first time in months, I didn’t have to think about much other than enjoying my gorgeous and relaxing environment, while catching up with family and friends in eastern Canada. No more over thinking (for now). The friendly and perky hotel staff made my stay extremely enjoyable.

Moncton Residence Inn

Hanging Out in my room

Moncton Residence Inn In the morning, I was welcomed to the most impressive hotel breakfast spread I have ever seen (or tasted). Not only did it have everything I would/could dream of enjoying for breakfast…it was FREE. Yes, I said that right, the buffet breakfast is included in the stay. The breaky offered a variety of coffee, tea, juices, yogurt, cereal, fresh fruit, eggs, breakfast meats, bagels, breads, spreads, pastries, waffles and oatmeal, with unlimited toppings from whip cream to chocolate and caramel. Breakfast options were not limited to the above mentionables, but the hotel also provided the ingredients to make breakfast wraps and beyond. Where do I even begin with that many options? For those who know me, they know that my favorite meal of the day is breakfast. A meal that is not often missed in my book. The Moncton Marriott Residence Inn knows how to do their breakfast. I was more than impressed. Tea and dry toast just doesn’t make it for me, which is often what you get with freebies, especially at hostels. No dry toast at the Moncton Marriott Residence Inn; they know how it’s done. This is definitely luxury.

As expected, the Moncton Marriott Residence Inn blew me away and made me feel at home, as I was transitioning from a girl on the move to a relaxing girl (for the time being).

*Media coverage for Moncton Marriott Residence Inn.

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