10 Great Things About Cayo Santa Maria

If these 10 things don’t persuade you to love Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba then I don’t think anything will…

1. Water the colour of TURQUOISE…Cayo Santa Maria

2. Sand the colour of snow…Cayo Santa Maria

3. 12 kilometres of beach…Cayo Santa Maria

4. Hot tropical temperatures…Cayo Santa Maria

5. Ocean like bath water…Cayo Santa Maria

6. Swimming in crystal clear water…Cayo Santa Maria

7. Watersports at your fingertips…Cayo Santa Maria

8. Palm trees galore…Cayo Santa Maria

9. Vibrant flora and fauna…Cayo Santa Maria

10. Classic antique cars…Cayo Santa Maria

My second time to Cuba was even better than the first. I always liked Cuba, but after visiting Cayo Santa Maria I fell in love absolutely in love with Cuba and crave Cayo’s pristine peninsula. After seeing the best of what Cuba has to offer, I’m interested to explore more of Cuba’s hidden turquoise treasures. What other turquoise treasures in Cuba do you know of?

This is my kind of heaven; my heaven is the colour of turquoise.

33 thoughts on “10 Great Things About Cayo Santa Maria

  1. Beautiful Pics…Now Cayo Santa Maria is in my bucket list as well and would like to try that catamaran as well…looks like extreme fun 😀

    • Aww no way! That’s no fun. I wish everyone could have been there. The beach wasn’t busy because it is the rainy season and the off-season for visitors, but I was glad because it felt like I had the beach to myself.
      Jessica, Turquoise Compass

    • Great! I think we could apply these 10 reasons to almost any coastal place! The gulf of Florida is a great place to live. Thanks for visiting Turquoise Compass!
      Jessica, Turquoise Compass

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