5 Fun Things to do in Timmins

TimminsAlthough a small city in northern Ontario, Timmins offers a plethora of activities for the young and old. Although 30 years old, I like to consider myself a big kid at heart. The older I get the younger I feel and with every birthday I have more fun! It’s no surprise that the big kid in me came out in Timmins while I enjoyed laser tag, bumper cars, indoor swing golf, roller derby, eating sweet treats, and exploring the Egyptian display at the Timmins Museum National Exhibition Center.

1. Laser tag and bumper car fun at Neo Laser Tag
Neo Laser Tag in Timmins offers a variety of activities for the young at heart including of course glow in the dark laser tag, spin zone bumper cars, cannonball air blasters, and arcades. I never expected to have so much fun running for my life while playing a game of laser tag with my new friends in Timmins. It didn’t take long for a traveling girl to turn secretly into a undercover ninja.Neo Laser Tag

2. Golfing around at Northern Swing Golf Center
Northern Swing Golf Center offers indoor golf fun 12 months of the year. The swing golf center offers a variety of services for any golf enthusiast including lessons, club repair, club fitting, custom club fitting, merchandise, parties, and a variety of courses to try. I had the opportunity to try out the simulated driving range and play one hole on a Nevada golf course. The simulated golf course was more realistic than I expected and the information I learned from my swings helped me to improve on the next round. My distances weren’t great, but it was fun trying!Northern Swing

3. Skating with the Gold City Roller Girls
The Gold City Roller Girls, home of the Gold Miners’ Daughters frequently hold open evenings where you can join the roller derby girls at one of their weekly practices and skate with them. It was hard to keep up with the roller derby girls as they showed off their quick and fancy feet work on the court. I did my best not to fall flat on my face, although the knee pads did break my fall more than once. Skating with the Gold City Roller Girls is a fun and carefree way to spend an evening being active, meeting new people, and laughing the night away.Gold City Girls

4. Exploring the Timmins Museum National Exhibition Center
I recently visited Timmins Egyptian display at the Timmins Museum National Exhibition Center and learned that the Egyptians love turquoise as much as I do. Turquoise pigment was often used to colour around the eye (upper and lower), while also being a popular colour for amulets and votive objects. Amulets were believed to hold a magical power often incorporated into jewelry to protect the living and the dead. Egyptian tombs were often found with turquoise faience shawabti figurines neatly housed in a box. Turquoise votive faience balls were associated with goddesses, but their significance remains a mystery. The Timmins Museum left me wondering more about the Egyptians love for turquoise.Timmins Museum

5. Catching up with friends with coffee and a slice at Christpher’s Coffee House
The perfect way to end the day is to enjoy some yummy treats and a coffee or tea at Timmin’s favorite coffee shop, Christopher’s Coffee House. The home baked goods from local baker are beyond this world and a must try. Frequent events like Timmins Voices & open mic night (every second Wednesday of the month) and Jazz nights on Fridays are the perfect evenings to go and relax on the comfy couches at Christopher’s. I couldn’t help but go on more than one occasion just to try a different sweet treat each time. Christopher's

Exploring within one’s country doesn’t have to be an extreme and grand expedition, but sometimes the simplest activities are the most fun!

*Media coverage for Tourism Timmins

8 thoughts on “5 Fun Things to do in Timmins

  1. No way that laser tag and bumper cars look like so much fun! I’ll have to check them out next time I pass through there!

    Safe travels,


    • I know right? I was skeptical at first, but it was actually really fun for a big kid like me (especially with friends). I think sometimes we (as adults) try to be too cool for our own good when really we want to just have fun!
      Jessica, Turquoise Compass

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