Three Great Summer Events

It just so happened that I was in Timmins, Ontario, CA during three great summer festivals: Dream Acres Alpacas open house, the 12th annual Ribfest, and Aboriginal Day in Hollinger Park. I’m always up for experiencing new things, but I especially love festivals! I got lucky to be able to experience three within one week.

I was able to explore the variety of booths at Dream Acres and among my favorites include: birch syrup, tea, goats and bees products, and alpaca fur products. I enjoyed the variety of demonstrations including making pottery, spinning, and weaving. My favorite part of the day was visiting their many multi-coloured alpacas (over 25) including the 3 new babies born this spring with the newest being born only weeks ago. I ended the event by walking an alpaca around the property! Who would have thought you could walk an alpaca?


You can’t attend Timmins annual Ribfest without trying some of the award winning barbecued delicacies marinated in some of the most succulent sauces you could ever savour. Three award winning companies traveled to Timmins to share their best. I opted for barbecued chicken from Jack the Ribber. My boyfriend chose the massive and mighty pulled pork sandwich from the same booth. I typically don’t like BBQ sauce, but I can honestly say it was the best BBQ sauce I have ever tasted! The chicken was also cooked on the fire to perfection. We ended our meal with a Canadian favorite–a Beaver Tail topped with chocolate hazelnut spread and skor pieces. My boyfriend tried the maple cream topping.

Aboriginal DayTimmins

Aboriginal Day in Hollinger Park is a day to celebrate Aboriginal culture, while sampling the best of the Timmins area Aboriginal music, traditions, storytelling, handicrafts, and food. Exploring the many booths set up for the day was my favorite part–I love markets! The variety of paintings, drawings, jewelry, carvings, and handicrafts were colourful, intricate, and one of a kind. Native North Americans also believe turquoise to be a sacred stone and colour and incorporated into much Aboriginal art. It was fun exploring the abundance of turquoise and its connection to mother nature and the earth displayed at each booth. Although I was unable to partake in the feast, I heard the Geese flown in from Northern Canada are smoked and cooked to perfection and paired with all of the trimmings. It’s a fun filled day for kids and adults.

What are some of your favorite local events and festivals?

 *Media coverage for Tourism Timmins

17 thoughts on “Three Great Summer Events

  1. some really original and interesting ones you have there! I cant think of anything other than Moomba in March here in Melbourne, although we have also awesome comedy and fringe festivals through the year too

    • Thanks so much, original and unique indeed. What’s Moomba all about? Yes, I was in Melbourne during the end of comedy festival but I didn’t get the opportunity to see a show before I left. 😦
      Jessica, Turquoise Compass

      • Moomba is a big city festival with parades with floats originally to celebrate the queen’s first visit to Melbourne but they brought it back year after year and it became hugely popular

      • Sounds like so much fun. Funny how something starts out as a one time thing and continues on and on. Where did the name come from by the way?
        Jessica, Turquoise Compass

      • Moomba is a big city festival with parades with floats originally to celebrate the queen’s first visit to Melbourne but they brought it back year after year and it became hugely popular.

  2. In Sanford, FL there’s a pirate festival that spans the street with music, dancing, booths and everyone dressed in the garb. It was fantastic to stumble upon randomly one night when I headed out to grab some dinner!

    In DC there was a Folk Festival that celebrated Chinese and Kenyan cultures with foods, beers, music and tents filled with interesting and interactive cultural ideas and/or activities. It was amazing and I loved having a wonderful stop-in to eat after seeing the Lincoln Memorial.

    • A pirate festival? How amazing and unique. It sounds like so much fun, and to find it randomly is even better.

      I bet the folk festival had amazing music?

      Sound like good ones to me. Thanks so much for sharing.

      Jessica, Turquoise Compass

    • Yeah, I know what you mean. I don’t eat red meat so I opted for chicken instead. There were other lovely specialties like ice cream, beaver tails, frozen snow, potatoes, and homemade lemonade.

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