Staying Active with Yoga and Zumba While Traveling


Hot YogaBodhiIt’s easy to stay fit while also having fun at the same time in Timmins! The variety of fitness options in Timmins are beyond what you would expect in a northern Ontario community. Yet, this city prides itself in the area of fitness as numerous successful athletes were born and raised in Timmins with their sports and fitness careers blooming in Timmins from hockey players, Olympians, fitness models, and beyond–it’s a world of sports in Timmins. With the variety of gym and athletic centers and diversity of fitness classes offered in Timmins, the choice is yours! With a choice between martial arts, Crossfit, weight lifting, Pilates, spin classes, running, fitness competition training, and beyond, what would you choose?

Bodhi Tree Hot Yoga StudioBodhi Tree Hot Yoga Studio
BodhiTreeMy two favorite ways to stay fit while traveling are yoga and zumba! Both can be done in any location whether in a gym, studio, hostel, via YouTube, park, or beach (where do you dance / hold a pose?). Yoga and zumba can both be enjoyed individually or with new friends. Not to mention, they are both care-free, and you make them what you want them to be! Staying healthy doesn’t have to be so strict and structured. Both are easy to incorporate into my life wherever I land; it’s no wonder yoga and zumba kept be active in Timmins.
Bodhi Tree Hot Yoga StudioBodhi Tree Hot Yoga Studio
Yoga-My curiosity for yoga started when I took my first class in Halifax, NS and fell asleep during savasana. From then, I wanted to learn more! After practicing yoga in various cities and countries, it has become a favorite way to stay fit, take a moment for myself, and stretch my tired muscles. My love for variety fits well with yoga because every class is different. My favorite place to practice yoga is Bodhi Tree Hot Yoga Studio ; they challenge me with every class. I never know what to expect–each instructor is different with their own unique style. Each class teaches me something about myself which I can take along on my travels: endurance, patience, strength, power, empowerment, resiliency, and a love for myself. Taking a moment to hold a pose is a great way to reflect on my day, let go of my worries, and set a positive tone for my life. Thanks to Bodhi Tree Hot Yoga Studio I am falling more and more in love with yoga with every warrior pose.

Zumba-From my first ever Zumba class, I was hooked! My love for music, dancing, and laughter makes zumba the perfect fit for me. The variety of dance forms, music genres, and teaching styles keeps me on my toes. Dancing with Katie at Discover Fitness with Kate Durst didn’t disappoint. Her fit body decked out in hot pink moved gracefully along the floor as I tried to keep up with the routine. I seemed like the only one in the room who hadn’t danced that routine before (and a few of the women were double my age), but it was still a laugh as I booty-popped’ and salsa-ed’ my way around the room one step behind everyone else. The great thing with zumba is no one cares! I do my best and add my own flair to it. The pumping music makes the class worth it; I just start dancing and before I know it, the class is done and I didn’t even realize where the time went or that I exhausted my thighs with the endless squats thrown into the mix. Katie and her variety of zumba training makes her an excellent instructor and I hope to zumba with her again in the near future.Zumba

Timmins tested my fitness through fun-filled yoga and zumba classes and it didn’t even feel like work. The joy of yoga and zumba is that I always want to go–that’s how I know I picked the perfect fitness classes for me…and I’ve tried it all, including training at a Crossfit gym regularly for one year. I like it all, but I especially like yoga and zumba! What drives you to stay active while traveling and on the go?Zumba

10 ways to stay fit while traveling

 *Media coverage for Bodhi Tree Hot Yoga Studio and Discover Fitness by Kate Durst

5 thoughts on “Staying Active with Yoga and Zumba While Traveling

  1. Great idea – i want to start zumba. ive wanted to for ages. maybe…. tomorrow? LOL! When travelling I like to walk a lot wherever I am. I never put on weight when travelling, just lose it. Sometimes dramatically. great post!


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