Summer Wildlife Tour Brought to Life

Winter:Cedar Meadows

Cedar Meadows

Northern Ontario, Ca

The last time I went on Cedar Meadows Resort and Spa‘s northern wildlife tour was during the middle of winter, when Canada’s harsh temperatures were at their worst, especially in northern Ontario. Bundled up in a Canada Goose parka and wool blanket, I attempted to engage with the animals the best I could amidst the freezing temperatures. Feeding the animals with my bare hand felt like jack frost was nipping at my finger tips every second I had them out of my warm alpaca wool mittens (although, the animals were worth it). I did my best to snap photos (using both a GoPro and Canon Rebel T3) of the northern rarities with my frozen frigid fingers. The highlight of my winter wonderland wildlife tour was seeing a mighty majestic moose up close for the first time. Taking Cedar Meadows Wildlife Tour during the summer gave me a whole new perspective of the active northern wildlife who were curious and wide eyed during the warm, mosquito laden season.

Summer:Wildlife Tour

Cedar Meadows Resort and SpaSitting on the tractor-drawn wagon with only a cotton t-shirt, capri pants, and sneakers in the surprisingly humid air was a whole other experience compared to my long-johns, parka, hat, mitts, and full winter get-up during the minus 30C and below temperatures. With the forecast calling for rain, the many northern mosquitoes buzzed around in the warm sticky air. Getting up close and personal with many of the rare northern animals during the tour was just as exciting the second time around. This time my hands weren’t freezing while the animals ate out of my hand. Instead of not being able to feel my hands, I could feel the elk slober all over them instead.cedar meadows resort and spa

Cedar MeadowsMy favorite part of the tour was feeding the two gigantic female moose leaves and branches; this was an experience I did not have during the winter season as the leaves had all fallen off the branches. The lush, green and luscious leaves are a favorite treat of the moose and they weren’t shy to come and take a bite. My boyfriend and I were like kids in a candy store feeding the friendly tame beasts. Like the children on the tour, we too were leaning over the edge to get a closer look. My boyfriend giddily tickled their ears while they were being fed. Their leather-like ears perked up with our gentle touch. These friendlier than normal moose were raised at Cedar Meadows Resort and Spa and enjoy the company on a nice sunny day.Cedar Meadows Resort and Spa

Cedar MeadowsAlong with the children beside us, my boyfriend and I squeeled (I think it was me actually–while he laughed at me) the afternoon away as we traveled through northern Ontario’s forest to encounter one animal after another. The baby white tailed deer and doe played in the tall grass as the male elk chased each other to reinforce dominance. We stopped suddenly along the trail as Canadian Geese and their ducklings crossed to a nearby pond. Large white swans sqawked in attempt to steal some treats from our tour guide. The large bison and their impressively long tounges quietly ate snacks dropped in their gigantic mouth by our tour guide. The animals roam their natural environment on Cedar Meadows Resort and Spa’s property as we pass by and respectfully observe them. This is a natural wildlife experience you can only experience in the northern wild.Cedar Meadows Resort and Spa

My second wildlife tour at Cedar Meadows Resort and Spa was just as special as my first, yet this time I got to share the experience with my boyfriend. Although I went on the wildlife tour before, it felt as if it was my first time. In an entirely different season, the wildlife tour was brought to life by the incredible wildlife along the way. Priceless.Cedar Meadows Resort and Spa

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