Yoga and Traveling are Journeys to Self

Yoga After meeting with Tiffany Schmidt, yoga instructor from Bodhi Tree Hot Yoga studio in Timmins, Ontario I learned more about how yoga and traveling are similar. Within minutes of talking to the new instructor, I learned that we both share a common love for Hawaii as she did her yoga training in Kelani on the Big Island. Hawaii has always been one of my dream turquoise destinations, which I finally visited last fall. In talking to Tiffany, her passion for yoga and traveling was seeping from her soul like an overflowing cup of water. One of the first things she told me is to live in the present, and for her, that means yoga and traveling.

YogaYoga taught Tiffany to be a yes in life, stay true to yourself, be authentic, to love yourself, and to not sweat the small stuff. These are lessons we could all learn. For Tiffany, yoga has influenced her life in more than one way. Yoga has helped her to strengthen her body physically, mentally, and emotionally, relieve stress, uplift her mood, and to be happy with her life and herself. Yoga has given her a purpose to transcend those messages to others through teaching yoga. Yoga is a great way to take a break–to take an hour out of the day to connect with yourself. Too few people take the time to focus on themselves. Tiffany encourages us to try yoga because it can change your life, benefit your life, and ultimately lead to a happier you (and me).

YogaTiffany has extensive traveling experience varying from Hawaii, France, Germany, Dominican Republic, New York to backpacking in Costa Rica. With future plans to visit California, Tiffany is excited to practice yoga while traveling along the Coastal Pacific Highway. Yoga and travel are connected in more than one way. Tiffany’s trip to Hawaii to get her yoga certification through Baron Baptiste’s training retreat taught her to be a yes in life, to say yes now, not to worry about the past, and to live in the present. She learned to ask herself: what do I want to do and what am I a yes for? Traveling helps you find yourself and it was in Hawaii when Tiffany lost herself to the moment and found herself in return.

YogaDuring her last yoga session with Baron Baptiste in Hawaii, she experienced 150 people all crying and connecting. It was then when she felt relief and realized her life was beginning anew and that she could let go of her past.

“If not you who, if not now when, if not here where? To be or not to be is the question. The answer needs to be you, right now, right here” -Quoted by Baron Baptiste at the retreat.

In the last 5 months of teaching yoga, Tiffany is most proud of getting through to people by making them feel good about themselves, helping others reach a deeper connection with themselves, and helping others with confidence. Through teaching, she is more true to herself by living as the person she always wanted to be. As she quotes,

“I feel more alive and more authentic of who I am.”

YogaLike traveling, yoga too can teach us things about ourselves. Yoga allows us to connect with others just as we do when traveling.

“I almost cried at the end, I connected with everyone…”

Tiffany commented to a friend after teaching a class. After discussing with Tiffany, I can see how traveling and yoga go hand in hand. Both can relieve depression and inspire us to be better people. Yoga is very easy to do while traveling because all you need is a mat and with beautiful scenery around, it makes it easy to take the time to get connected (while stretching and relaxing overworked muscles). Looks like it is time to lose yourself to the moment by traveling and practicing yoga–it is a journey to self discover after all.


7 thoughts on “Yoga and Traveling are Journeys to Self

  1. I connect with this post so much! Every time when I feel down or that something’s somehow not quite right, I notice I haven’t been doing yoga for a while. It calms me and makes me feel present and happy, and so does traveling. It opens your mind for new experiences and teaches that the good things don’t find you by planningor waiting at them, you have to find them – they already are everywhere!
    Thank you for this post. I hope someday I could go to a long adventure and find beautiful and calm sceneries to do yoga and find a piece of peace in there.


    • Thanks so much. I’m glad you enjoyed it and that you connected with what I was saying. Yoga seems to really help ground people. It’s amazing how yoga and traveling go hand in hand. I’m sure you’ll get the opportunity for your own adventure in the near future. I get the sense that you will make it happen. Thanks for your uplifting comment!

      Jessica, Turquoise Compass

      Liked by 1 person

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