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Wild Exodus Wild Exodus put together the best of what they offer (adventure travel in northern Ontario) in a jam packed full day tour in the northern wild. When I think of a great Canadian outdoor adventure, Wild Exodus must have been reading my mind because they created the ultimate outdoor adventure. My full day Wild Exodus tour had me cruising lake Kenogamissi on a pontoon boat, stopping for a homemade feast at Post 392, visiting a trappers cabin in the woods, exploring Exodus’ glamping site, and driving an ATV through northern Ontario’s bush to High Falls. I couldn’t have designed a better outdoor exploration myself. Leave it to Wild Exodus to create the extreme outdoor escape for any outdoor enthusiast.

Wild Exodus Wild Exodus’ many tour options can be individually catered and tailored to the needs and wants of any traveler. I just wanted to experience what Wild Exodus does best and they went above and beyond my expectations. It’s hard to believe one tour company can do so many things. My day started right where I belong, on the water for my first ever pontoon cruise to head to my first stop on the tour. With the fresh air blowing my hair and the warm sun on my skin, I enjoyed the smooth ride to Post 392.

Wild Exodus If you can imagine your mom and grandmother’s best cooking, that’s what I received at Post 392. Marie’s home cooking was amazing and not to mention she cooked enough for an army: homemade bread, enchiladas, spaghetti, roasted cheese potatoes, vegetables, and for dessert: sticky buns and cake. The stop at Post 392 for a mid-day feast was beyond what I’d normally eat for lunch on the road–what a treat! After lunch, we cruised back towards Wild Exodus and stopped at a trappers cabin in the woods. So this is where I learned the trappers (i.e hunters) camp out! We quickly looked around the property trying not to get eaten alive by massive buzzing mosquitoes (gotta love mosquitoe season–which I think is the entire time it is warm in northern Ontario). After trying on a moose horn, we headed back to Wild Exodus and Wawaitin Holiday Park to depart on the ATV portion of the tour.Wild Exodus

While driving my own ATV I zoomed down the gravel track in between Frank and Chantal (and their trusted 4 legged partner Billy). The three of us zig-zagged through northern Ontario’s bush, while taking short cuts via a sandy trail following the power lines. It wasn’t long before I was full of dirt and dust as we roared through the forests full speed ahead. I hadn’t been on a ATV (i.e. 4 wheeler, or when they used to be legal–3 wheelers, since I was in high school). Driving an ATV brought back fond memories of freaking my friends out while driving faster than I should. I have always been an adrenaline junkie. It took some time to get comfortable driving one again (fast that is). In no time, I was keeping up with Frank. I think at one point we were going 60mph, which is pretty fast on a 4-wheeler. We left a trail of dust behind us as we traveled the northern trails.Wild Exodus

The moment we got off the ATV’s at High Falls the iconic northern mosquitoes surrounded us. We quickly walked through the forest to the falls trying to ignore the flying followers. From the river bank, I was memorized by the rushing water moving past me; as I have said time and time again, there is something magical about being by the water. At the top of the falls, where the largest fall drop was, I noticed a rainbow. It’s moments like this which remind me of how blessed I am to be able to experience the best of this world, whether locally or abroad. It’s all amazing to me. High Falls is a cherished water system in the Timmins area and I can see why. At the base of the falls, locals often go for a dip or put a kayak on the water to paddle down stream. Sounds like the perfect summer past times to me.Wild Exodus

Wild Exodus showed me the time of my life by providing me an opportunity to sample the best of what they offer. Activities are endless and what I experienced is just the beginning. From staying at the Wawaitin Holiday Park, camping at the glamping site, or fishing, there are so many other things I want to try. That’s typically what happens to me, I try one activity which leads to me finding out about something else I want to do. That’s what life is all about right? Finding things which give us a burning passion inside of our soul.

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