From London to Paris in One Day


After leaving the white chalk-like cliffs of Dover, England, I embarked on a ferry which would take me to France. 90 minutes later, I arrived in Calais, France and after an afternoon of driving I arrived in Paris at dusk. It’s hard to believe just how close everything is in Europe and how just a day before Paris I was in London on my own. One day into my month tour of Europe with TopdecK I knew my trip would be a fast paced whirl wind adventure. Right from the beginning, we left London on a mission and arrived in Paris the same day. Although I didn’t have the amount of time I wanted in each destination, I knew that Topdeck could easily take me to places which would otherwise be difficult for a single female traveler like me (i.e Albania for example). I will consider this trip of Europe a tease and accept the fact that I will want to see more, stay longer, and come back. It is what to be expected from a 30 day tour of Europe while visiting over 15 countries and staying no more than 3 days in each country.


After traveling on my own for the last 12 months and pretty much doing all of the planning on my own aside from my Stray Adventure in New Zealand, I knew I needed a more structured trip to end my 14 months of travels. I am getting tried of doing everything myself on the lowest possible budget and backpacking around. It’s time I let the professionals take control for my last big trip. A Topdeck tour is the perfect way to end my travels, especially since I wanted to see so much in a short amount of time. Travel in Europe can be difficult during the summer due to it being the high season and everything needing to be booked so far in advance. Hostels are rarely available and there is no freedom to go with the flow which is my favorite part of traveling. I researched many different tour operators before departing for Europe to see what was available.  2 weeks prior to my departure, I booked Topdeck’s “Summer Fun and Sailing“. The trip would be the perfect introduction to Europe including a little bit of everything—eastern and western Europe, famous cities, history, beauty, and of course: TURQUOISE!


Taking one day to get from London to Paris made me realize that this would be a trip of a lifetime, yet the trip moves a lot quicker than my usual travel style of choice (even though I move pretty quick on my own as a hyperactive traveler). Yet, at the same time, it reminded me that Europe will always be waiting for me to return. Take the trip for what it is: highlights of Europe. With Europe being only a 6.5 hour flight away from Toronto, I know that I will return.


14 thoughts on “From London to Paris in One Day

  1. WOW . 90 minutes from London to Paris , is just wow . I remember when you said when I get to Europe it will be easy for me to visit the neighboring countries . But I never thought it would this simple . I mean , just 90 minutes .

    • It is a 2 hour drive from London to dover and then a 90 minute ferry ride from Dover, England to Calais, France. Once I arrived in Calais, it was a drive to Paris, but it is crazy how it is possible to do London to Paris in one day! It’s amazing!
      Jessica, Turquoise Compass

  2. We are so lucky that we get to visit so many countries and cultures in such a short space of time in Europe. I live in Wales and I have family in Austria, so I quite often travel through 4 countries to go visit them.

    • Yes you are! Now I can say that I too traveled around Europe so easily. There are travel days when we travel through 4 countries in one day. It’s hard to believe how close everything is. I’m not in Canada anymore.
      Jessica, Turquoise Compass

      • When I was living in Whistler I worked with a guy from Toronto. He told me one day that he felt ashamed of the fact that the European customers had all visited so many places whilst he’d only travelled from Toronto to BC – until I pointed out to him that if you covered the same distance in Europe you’d probably travel through about 5 countries!

      • Very true! It’s hard to compare when you look at it that way. I am lucky because I am only missing a few provinces in Canada before I have seen it all. It will happen eventually.

  3. It’s always the way that you end up ignoring things on your doorstep and for me, this has reminded me of how easily I have ignored the fact that Paris is so near home!! I’ve been in London for such a long time and haven’t been to Paris for over a decade despite this close distance!! I think it’s high time that changed!

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