Keeping the Eiffel Tower in Sight


I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be able to visit one of the world’s most famous cities–yet, my travels led me to Europe and landed me in Paris. The iconic grand Eiffel Tower stood in the distance as I walked all corners of the city. From the corner of my eye, I could always see the Eiffel Tower as if reminding me that I made it. Knowing that I wouldn’t have forever in Paris I kept the Eiffel Tower in sight to engrain the memory in my mind forever. Seeing the tower from all corners of the city reminded me at each moment of just how blessed I am. With only a couple days in Paris I needed to see all that I could see in the shortest amount of time. I zoomed around the city seeing all the main sights by foot, alongside other visitors and Parisians. The famous city was bustling, busy, and alive with tourists scattered about amongst locals. Paris was an extremely easy city to get around by foot. All of the main tourist attractions are fairly close together (especially if you enjoy walking). With a good pair of walking shoes on and a croissant in hand, I was good to go, seeing Paris by day and lit at night.


Knowing that I will make it back to Paris again, I enjoyed being present in the moment while soaking up my surroundings in the short time that I had. Touring a new place gives me an adrenaline like no other; my addiction to see and learn more about this world had my senses going a mile a minute.

My Highlights of Paris:

Eating Escargot at L’Orange Bleue RestaurantParis

Seeing Paris at NightParis


Seine RiverParis

Lovers BridgeParis

Love Lock BridgeParis

Notre DameParis

Paris Parks: Jean Square XXIII, Rene Viviani Square, Tuileries GardenParis

Musee d’OrsayParis

National Assembly BuildingParis

Champs ElyseeParis

Arc de TriompheParis

Palais de ChaillotParis

Jardins du TrocaderoParis

Eiffle TowerParis

Paris is just as beautiful at night as it is in the day. I can see why its a city that draws lovers from all over the world. The happily in love couples dotted the city walking hand in hand or sharing a warm embrace while picnicking below the Eiffel Tower. It’s moments like this when I wish I could experience every destination with my boyfriend, especially in a city like Paris. Yet, I know that we will make it there together. I can’t wait to visit Paris again. Not even the endless amounts of fresh baguette, cheese, wine, crepes, and croissants could fill my soul—I still want more from Paris. Until then.


14 thoughts on “Keeping the Eiffel Tower in Sight

  1. The way you talk about Paris makes me want to go back! I had a decent time when I was there, but Paris didn’t steal my heart. I do believe, however, that I should give it a second chance, if the opportunity ever arises. 😉

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