The Scenic Drives in Europe are Spectacular


The drive through France to Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland was some of the best scenic views I have ever seen. The old French buildings, castles, churches, and train stations set in fields and on farm land at the base of rolling hills had so much character. I especially loved driving past countless sunflower fields (my favorite flower). Watching a lone deer running through a barren French wheat field was unexpected as I drove past. I even saw a gorgeous, yet simplistic home with a dining/tea room made of all glass walls. The floral antique and wooden décor of the interior was welcoming. Once I crossed the Swiss border, the roadside sights continued to get better and better. Switzerland was better than I could have ever imagined (honestly, I hadn’t imagined much–I hadn’t really thought about it).


I always thought it would be nice to visit Switzerland, but it was never one of my top destinations. I got lucky that I picked a tour which included Switzerland because who knows when I would have got there otherwise. Now that I have seen Switzerland, I hope that everyone gets a chance to visit because it’s one of the most beautiful countries I have ever seen. Switzerland blew me away and made me want to go back. Although expensive, the views make it all worth it. The natural wood, brick, cement, and stone houses decorated with colourful shutters all have vibrant flower boxes hanging from each window. The houses rest in the deep valleys of gigantic mountains that cover the country. Driving through the valleys higher and higher up into the Swiss Alps, while passing buildings with grass roofs, waterfalls coming out of the mountains, magical sparkling blue-green turquoise lakes and rivers was not what I expected to see in Switzerland. The view of the Swiss Alps from a distance was a mix of western Canada, the south island in New Zealand, and something I’ve never seen before. The beauty before me gave me a case of star-struck wonder.Switzerland

Switzerland is a clean and natural country known for the three “c’s”: cheese, chocolate, and charm. Nestle, Lindt, Toblerone, cheese fondue, yodeling, Red Cross, Swiss Army Knife, lumber mills, St. Bernard, and cows and sheep with bells around their neck are home to Switzerland. Did you know that you can only buy the limited edition green Swiss Amy Knife in Switzerland? Switzerland is one of the most picturesque, relaxing, and charming places I have ever visited.Switzerland

Reaching Lauterbrunnen, 2612 feet in the Swiss Alps after a long day of driving (my home for only two nights) made me want to stay longer. I couldn’t believe the views that surrounded me in the glacier valley of the Swiss Alps. With 72 waterfalls in the valley, I knew I had reached the right place. My fellow travelers shrieked behind me after seeing snow for the first time. The snow capped peaks of the Swiss Alps welcomed me with a chilling cool embrace from the wind coming off the mountain. It held me in a trance for longer than I can remember. I went to bed that night with the view of Lauterbrunnen at the base of the mountains with the turquoise glaciers atop as if a painting was placed in my brain.


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