Crossing Three Borders in One Day


Brienzersee Lake, Switzerland

Saying farewell to Switzerland was hard, but I knew my day would be exciting crossing three borders to get to Nice, France: Switzerland, Italy, and France. The drive from Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland to the Italian border was incredible. We drove through numerous alpine towns: Sulward Isenfluh, Gstergwiler, Matten, and Interlaken and past the green-turquoise Brienzersee Lake. Endless tunnels took us through mountains and past waterfalls, rivers, lakes, and typical Swiss towns. My desire to return grew the more I saw of Switzerland. Once we crossed the Italian border, surprisingly, the scenery quickly started to change.

French Riviera

French Riviera

The Italian red rust coloured roofs stood out from a distance amidst endless sunflower fields and farm land. Oh to be able to run through the sunflower fields under  the hot Italian sun. The windy roads that burrowed through the rolling hills appeared to continue forever. A quick glimpse of Italy before entering France got me excited to return to explore Pisa, Florence, Rome, and Venice. A brief look of Italy was all I needed to assure myself that I would love Italy.

South of France

French Riviera

Once I crossed the French border in the south of France, it wasn’t long before I saw the highly anticipated Mediterranean Sea. My first true turquoise destination in Europe was about to come! My friends who had visited Europe in the past told me that I would go crazy for the turquoise along the French Riviera. Once I set my eyes on the glistening Mediterranean Sea I immediately fell in love–to no surprise. How is it that I can love every turquoise coast that I visit? I love them all individually and for different reasons. Each gives me something the others cannot. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the French Riviera is the most unique turquoise destination I have ever visited. The coastal drive to Nice was a dream come true and beyond my expectations for the turquoise I expected to see in France. I couldn’t believe this turquoise gem waited so long for my arrival. Finally, I’ve reached the Mediterranean Sea and it has me in its trance while holding me tight in its cool embrace.

French Riviera

Nice, France

7 thoughts on “Crossing Three Borders in One Day

  1. Beautiful photos. I have never been to Switzerland but I am really tempted to after seeing your photos and reading about your experiences. I have travelled in Italy and it is definitely well worth a trip! 🙂

  2. Living in Europe (most of all in a small country like I do and close to 3 countries) means crossing borders. Today it is already easy since there are a lot less currencies… Imagine you travelling through Europe with Swiss Franks, Francs, Lira, Schilling, Deutsche Mark… and wherever you are about to travel to…

      • Yes, that’s right. We still use the Swiss Franc since we are not part of the EU also Albania isn’t. England and the Czech Republic did keep the currency although they are part ot the European Union…

      • I don’t think that Switzerland (and Liechtenstein) will join the EU anytime. And as long as that doesn’t happen at least these two countries stay with the Swiss Franc.

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