Living Like the Rich and Famous in Monaco


Palais Royal, the palace of the prince of Monaco

I had the opportunity to visit the second smallest country in the world (the smallest being Vatican City): Monaco. Monaco is also one of the richest principalities in the world. Only the rich and famous live in Monaco with many popular American celebrities being granted citizenship to Monaco (yet many get denied as well including Arnold Swartzenager for example). Million dollar cars drive the narrow street, while multi-million dollar mansions tower from above. I, a visitor or tourist so to speak, walked the streets as an outside, an imposter. Which one of these things does not belong? I knew, and everyone around me knew that I did not belong. Amongst my group of travelers we happily snapped photos in awe of the money being flashed before our very wayfaring eyes.


View from the palace


Monte Carlo Casino

Although not rich enough to earn a place in Monaco, I feel like the richest girl in the world nonetheless. Riches and material wealth do not define me. I have experiences that only a open heart and mind can possess. I had no problem appreciating Monaco for it is, another architecturally beautiful spot in this grand world regardless of the wealth being paraded in the streets. I got to visit Palais Royal, the palace of the prince of Monaco. The view of the turquoise port and city from the palace’s walls was the best in Monaco. After a palace stop, I went to catch a snap of the most famous casino in the world–the Monte Carlo Casino (seeing it from the outside was enough for me considering I don’t gamble). It’s famous for being filmed in the James Bond movie Casino Royale. From there, I went to the Fairmont Monte Carlo roof top patio, pool, and lounge to get an excellent 360 degree view of the small country. In that moment, I was like anyone else around me, living like the rich and famous.

Fairmont Monte Carlo

Fairmont Monte Carlo Roof Top

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