Walking Florence, the Home of Michelangelo’s David

Florence, Italy

After driving further into Italy, I could see more of the country’s endless lush green houses, farms, flower fields, wine groves, and colourful yellow roofs standing out in the cliffs, valleys, and hillside. After stopping in Pisa, Italy for a quick snap of the Leaning Tower, I headed straight for Florence. Florence was my first city to explore and real cultural  experience in Italy. With each place I visit in Italy it gets better and better.  Florence is one of Italy’s most traditional and recognized cities.

Florence, Italy

Florence, ItalyWith renowned cathedrals including the Basilica di Santa Maria Novella, the city is built around these historic landmarks. The Basilica bell tower stands in the center of town with the world coming alive around it. Visitors and locals walk around the satazione di Santa Novella taking pictures and enjoying a morning coffee. It’s not long before the city is full of people under the scorching Mediterranean sun. The inland stone city doesn’t offer much relief in the heat, yet an early morning walking tour of Florence was exactly what I needed. If only I had more time to get lost in the cobble stone city.

Florence, Italy

Florence, ItalyWalking in the very city where Michelangelo’s world famous David rests is an unreal experience. I am reliving history and walking the same steps iconic artists and historical leaders walked. The replica of The David statue is more popular than the actual sculpture itself because visitors can take pictures of it and with it, unlike the original. The replica was hand sculpted in the same method Michelangelo used (and it looks identical to it too). Walking the city with an Italian gelato in hand (watermelon, lime, & raspberry), while observing the many sculptures that cover the city was an authentic experience in Italy (it couldn’t have gotten much better than that). My day in Florence came to closure with a leather demonstration and explanation of how the Florentine Box is made at one of Florence’s oldest traditional leather shops-Leonard Leather (only one store in the world). On my way out of the city, I grabbed a slice of margarita pizza (who could resist in Italy?) to finish off a traditional visit in Florence.

Florence, Italy

15 thoughts on “Walking Florence, the Home of Michelangelo’s David

  1. Oh my gosh! I’m so excited to see your post! I’ll be heading to Italy in the spring of 2016. I’ve joined forces with a friend of mine, Gina’s Italy, to teach watercolor journaling to our group while we tour Tuscany! Can’t wait!


  2. Lovely photos. I’ve been to Florence a few times. It doesn’t get any better than walking through the narrow streets, imagining selling goods on the bridge of the goldsmiths and putting your hands on the Duomo meditating!


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