European Turquoise Bucket List Destination: Greece


GreeceOne of my European turquoise dream bucket list destinations was Greece! I’ve always wanted to see the turquoise waters that surround the Mediterranean country. Finally, in 2014, I’ve made my way from Ancona, Italy to mainland Greece. After an 18 hour ferry, I landed in the one place I always dreamt about and seen in magazines and movies. I was lucky enough to pick a Topdeck tour that included stunning turquoise destinations like Nice, Venice, Dubrovnik, and of course Greece. Although I won’t be able to visit the islands I have dreamed about visiting, like Santorini, I still had the opportunity make it to Greece. Good things come to those who wait. There is always time to return in the future with my boyfriend who also longs for a vacation in Greece for an island hopping adventure. Mainland sailing of Greece is a dream come true.


GreeceOnce I disembarked the ferry, I made my way to Plateria to set up the sail boats for my three day mainland sailing adventure along Greece’s turquoise coast. Plateria is a quaint coastal village without modern amenities (the town doesn’t even have an ATM machine), typical of many simple Greek towns. I appreciated the beauty, simplicity, and authenticity in the town. My favorite part of all was the FOOD. There is nothing I love more than Greek food. My boyfriend and I cook many Greek dishes on a regular basis. Within an hour of being in Plateria, I had a chicken Gyros, spanakopita, and baklava. Turquoise water and Greek food is my kind of heaven. I couldn’t get enough of the food. I knew that for the next 3 days I would be enjoying the shimmering turquoise water and delicious Greek food and it didn’t take me long to start getting my fill.Greece

GreeceThree nights of sleeping on a sail boat and three days of sailing was quite the experience for me considering I have only been on a sailboat a couple times prior and only for a short sail. If there is anything I love more than Greek food it is being by, in, or on turquoise water. Sailing would be the perfect fit for me. Not only would I be sailing for days with a small group from my Topdeck tour, we would be sailing, managing, and controlling our own boats along the way, while stopping at different Greek destinations over the course of our adventure. In the beginning, I had no idea how six girls from Australia, New Zealand, and Canada with little sailing experience were going to man our own boat for three days, but somehow we were pros. From steering, docking, anchoring, tying down, and living in a small boat for three and a half days, we managed successfully. I’m surprised we didn’t kill each other being cramped in each others space for so long while needing to cooperate while cooking meals, cleaning, and sailing the boat. Sailing the boat in itself was an adventure, not to mention the spectacular beauty of Greece that surrounded us.Greece

GreeceWe took turns steering the boat on sail days as we traveled from turquoise Greek destination to the next. That is of course until our boat stopped working and had to be towed by our loud and boisterous Greek sailing guide. Not only did our boat’s motor eventually die mid-way throughout the trip, but we started out sailing with a boat that had no electric front anchor, a fridge that didn’t work, and a reverse that was broken. Right from the get-go, we knew our experience would be more “authentic” than the other 8 sail boats that were functioning properly. By the time the motor stopped working, our power cut out as well which meant that we would be without lights, water, and a communication radio. For two and a half days we lived simply in very tight quarters without any extras, yet we managed as if we had been in this situation before. Right from the start we were in for an adventure and it was an adventure indeed.Greece

It’s all in the journey right?


17 thoughts on “European Turquoise Bucket List Destination: Greece

  1. Gorgeous!! I love Greek food too and the idea of sailing around the Greek islands and eating all the yummy food sounds like heaven!

    • Yes indeed! It was an overnight ferry in which I had a cabin room. To be honest, I slept most of the ferry ride and it was surprisingly smooth. I had troubles falling asleep only because I was so excited to get to Greece. You’ll get to Greece someday too, just like I did! It took me a while to get there, but I finally did. Now I want to go back!

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