Eastern European Turquoise Getaway

MontenegroMontenegro Unfortunately, throughout my 15 country tour of Europe, I was only able to visit some destinations for a couple hours. To split up the monotony of long drives, I would stop mid-day in amazing destinations for a mere couple of hours before continuing on to the final destination for the day. Some drive days I would drive through up to four countries in one day before reaching the final destination for that day. One place that stands out in my mind as a unique turquoise destination that I was only able to visit for a short time was Budva, Montenegro.

Montenegro Montenegro Montenegro is again another country I hadn’t planned on visiting in Eastern Europe, but was included in my Topdeck tour. I had no idea what Montenegro could offer me as a turquoise fanatic and lover of historical cities. After stopping over in Montenegro on the way to Croatia I now know what the hype is all about (and wish I could have spent more time exploring the coastal cities). Driving through the Balkan region and seeing some of the 72 kilometres of beaches in Montenegro I fell in love instantly. If the coastline wasn’t enough to entice me, the lush black mountains, windy roads above the sea, and small fishing villages surely would. Although Montenegro is a fairly new country after recovering from WWII, it’s incredibly modern and stunningly beautiful.Montenegro

Montenegro I stopped in Budva, a bustling seaside town. As soon as I arrived I headed straight for the beach. I walked along the busy promenade lined with take-out shops, restaurants, souvenir shops, and beachside bars before reaching an entrance to the beach. The turquoise water drew me closer and closer to the shore. Although I hadn’t seen turquoise water in a couple days since leaving Greece I was ecstatic to be back by the sea as if I had been gone a lifetime. The coarse brown sand kissed my toes as I walked toward the water’s edge, while walking around bodies trying not to fall on anyone. The beach was scattered with blue, white, and red umbrellas with little sand to be seen because of the crowds of people gathered on the beach. Officially, this is the busiest beach I have ever seen. Even with the beach being swarmed by people, it still remained beautiful to me. As unique and one of a kind as it is, it is said that this beach is reminiscent of Waikiki, Hawaii (and I would have to agree). Even the island across from Budva beach is called Havaii beach.Montenegro

Montenegro Budva is a smaller, cheaper, and less popular Nice, yet still draws in crowds from all over Eastern Europe (and beyond). Although celebrities do not flock there like they do in Nice, Montenegrans cherish the area as a place to vacation and unwind. The beach destination is affordable and easy for anyone to live like the rich and famous. The windy steep (and skinny) coastal roads to Budva are worth the drive to this Eastern European turquoise getaway. Dipping my toes in the warm water was worth the journey, even if I was only able to stay for a couple hours before continuing on.Montenegro

21 thoughts on “Eastern European Turquoise Getaway

  1. So I hope the next time you’ll make it easier on yourself and make a less punishing schedule. 15 countries in 30 days does leave little time to actually enjoy the places you go to.

    • Yes, the next time I’d really like to go on a slower pace trip to see less places, but to see each one for a longer amount of time. My first orientation Euro trip will give me an idea of where I’d like to go again to spend more time. What do you think is a good amount of time to spend in each European country/city?
      Jessica, Turquoise Compass

      • That really is too generic question. It depends on the size of the country/city, on what your personal preferences are and how thorough you want to be. Its best not to plan everything in advance but rather to have flexibility to be able to stay longer where you like it and to leave quickly if a place does not suit you.

        But as a rule of thumb I’d say allow at least 3-4 days per “destination” (a city or a small area), not including travel days. And a month or so for a large country or a region of a few small ones.

      • I love traveling freely in the way in which I don’t have to plan in advance. However, Europe is different because I wanted to see so much in a little amount of time; my options were limited.

        I backpacked with no plan in mind when I traveled through Mexico, Belize, Nicaragua, and Dominican and it was the best experience of my life. If I didn’t like a place, I left, if I loved a place I stayed until I got my fill. It was refreshing.

        Great tips! Generally speaking, that’s exactly what I do. I like to spend at least 2 weeks in each country, if not more, but Europe has me “taste-testing” around the best of the best so to speak. I know I’ll be back to see more.


      • I am genuinely curious – in hindsight, was it worth it? I mean – you’ve spent a lot of time (and money) on the road, and visited dozens of places in a very rushed pace. Would you do it again or do you think a slower, less packed trip would be better?

      • Yes! Absolutely! I wanted to do it this way to see the most I can in the little time I had (and with my limited funds). It’s my first time to Europe so I wanted to get a taste of the “best of the best” before heading back a second time. Of course I would have liked more time in each country/city/destination, but I wouldn’t change my trip for the world. I would do it again, but then again each trip provides me a different experience and teaches us something new about the world. A trip with less destinations would be just as great, but for different reasons.

        Being from Canada, it is not every day one finds themselves in Europe. Plus, it was awesome to be able to see so many places in a short amount of time because they were so close together. When I travel in Canada, I need to drive 9 hours to reach the closest Canadian provincial border (or fly). In Europe, that would be like 4 or more countries.

        Did you get a chance to read any of my blog posts on the specific places I visited? I wrote about each one in vivid detail. Maybe the posts will give you a better sense of how I was feeling as I described it the best I could.



  2. Ohhh I can’t believe you also had time to visit Montenegro, how cool!! I have never been there but I hear people saying its beautiful!! I guess when I go I will try to find a more secluded place 😀 I am happy you enjoyed some turquoise water here in Europe 🙂

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