Zadar’s Seaside Port and Sea Organ

CroatiaDeparting Dubrovnik was bitter sweet; I wasn’t ready to leave, yet I was excited to see more of Croatia. As I drove from Dubrovnik to Zadar I could see countless beaches, old forts, beautiful blue bays, and stunning small buildings lining the Adriatic Croatian coast. The further into Croatia I drove, the fewer people and residences could be seen. This is more like it! I could have been left on any of the beautiful beaches I passed along the way–I would have been the only one there (just the way I like it). On the way to Zadar, Croatia, I crossed the Bosnian border and drove a handful of kilometers in Bosnia before crossing back into Croatia.

Throughout the drive, the heavens opened up and dropped what seemed like gallons of large water drops as the sky lit up by gigantic jagged lightening bolts. The sky clapped as its bright spider veins stretched across the sky. I have gotten lucky with the weather on my journey. Anytime the weather was not in my favour it was a travel bus day. By the time I arrived in Zadar, the weather cleared up and the sun’s rays were streaming down through the thin grey clouds that were being blow away by the light refreshing breeze.

Exploring the small seaside port city of Zadar was a breath of fresh air. Although I didn’t have a lot of time to explore within the city (only one evening), I was able to get a good sense of the place. The lively community was busy with people enjoying dinner under colourful umbrellas in the street. Music played in the distance by nearby buskers. The abundance of pizza and ice cream shops appeared every other shop along the main street. Zadar is a shoppers mecca! Clothing stores and touristy shops can be found in between one of a kind food vendors.  The remains of Roman ruins can also be found in the city center (all roads lead to Rome–the Romans were everywhere!).

My favorite spot of all in Zadar was by the sea listening to Zadar’s sea organ. The man made ocean organ plays a variety of sweet tunes as the tide comes in. 5 different notes can be heard as the sea rolls in underneath the seaside promenade. I could have sat by the water’s edge and listened to the organ singing softly all evening. Walking along at sunset gave me the most incredible view, while listening to the most beautiful ocean waves I have ever heard. Again, this was a destination I would have liked to have had more time to explore, but the time I did have was enough to make my heart warm.


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