15 Unique Things about Croatia

 IMG_6513 (Medium)Based on the 2014 edition of Like Croatia, Issue No. 3, I learned 25 amazing things that make me want to go back to Croatia. Of the many things I learned, I’d like to share 15 things with you. These fun facts give you a sense of what Croatia is all about. I hope they make you curious enough about Croatia to go and see if yourself.

1. Game of Thrones was filmed in Croatia (i.e. Kings Landing = Dubrovnik)Croatia

2. Croatia has the largest swamp in Europe (in the east)

3. Croatia has its own great wall- the defensive wall of Ston

4. Croatia has the smallest town in the world with only 20 habitants

5. Croatia produces olive oil with gold in it

6. Croatia has award winning wines (148 million litres of wind are produced each year)

7. Croatia has more than 1000 islands (my kind of place); Hydroplanes take you to islands rather than a ferryCroatia

8. Croatia’s hotels are fun and affordable (check out the hotel I stayed at: Adriatic Rooms)


Adriatic Rooms

9. Croatia claims to have the best oysters (if only I liked them so that I can be the judge)

10. Croatia has beaches of sand and rocksCroatia

11. Croatia has the narrowest streets in the world with a street in Split being 57 centimeters wide

12. Croatia has amazing musicians, and 15 artists in Croatia sing exclusively in English

13. Croatia has made the world’s fastest electric super car

 14. Croatia’s Ante Vukusic Metheorological Station located in a national park on the peak of Zavizan at 1594 metres above sea level is in perpetual winter.

15. Croatia has a beautiful Adriatic underworld perfect for snorkeling and scuba divingCroatia

Find the Like Croatia edition yourself to find out the other 10 amazing things about Croatia. The above 15 summarized mentioned facts about Croatia are enough for me to choose Croatia as one of my favorite European countries. People say that after you visit Croatia, you’ll want to move there. The turquoise beaches alone are enough to tempt me. When will you be going?Croatia

39 thoughts on “15 Unique Things about Croatia

      • Watching your photos I am glad I have 10 days of Southern California in sight in October. This limits my yearning a little… 😉 But to be honest, I said to my husband yesterday, that we really should think about Croatia for a vacation.It is not that far away… so…. we’ll see… at least it caught me thanks to you!

      • Great~! Southern California is a dream. I try to go at least once every two years. What will you be doing there? Let’s hope your husband bites. Fingers crossed for you!
        Jessica, Turquoise Compass

      • It is my 8th time in California (always around the same area) within 5 1/2 years. I simply love it like my second home. In October I am there (in Pasadena) at the HayHouse event “I Can Do it!” where all their authors are giving lectures and workshops. Acutally it is a business trip since I am there as an official author for book signing! I am very excited about it!

      • I’ll let you know the next time I go because you never know we may cross each others path. I can sense your excitement for your upcoming author book signing. You worked hard for it! Enjoy my dear!
        Jessica, Turquoise Compass

      • He lived in Vukovar with his mother’s family. They came back to America after his father died in World War I. After I found out that information I have wanted to visit to see what more records I could find! A visit is something I plan for the future 🙂

      • He lived in Vukovar with his mother and her family. They left after his father died in World War I. After I found out that information I have been thinking about visiting to see what else I could find. One day! 🙂

  1. I was in Croatia for two weeks some years ago, and one of my best friends is from there, but there are many of facts you point out here that didn’t know. I would like to vist the smallest town in the world with 20 habitants. Maybe next time, while in Croatia!
    Enjoyed reading this post! Well written and done!

    • I wish I could have spent two weeks there. There is so much to see and do. I learned so much while traveling through the country and the facts I presented here were just the fun ones! Yes, there is always next time! Start dreaming sister! Thanks so much again for your support, comments, and likes. Much appreciated.
      Jessica, Turquoise Compass

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