Exploring the Canals of Venice in a Gondola

Venice, ItalyVenice, ItalyWhen people think of Venice they automatically think of canals and gondolas, as did I. I couldn’t visit Venice without taking a ride in a gondola to explore the city via the many 150 narrow canals.  It’s a wonder how the gondolier navigates his was through the maze of canals in the city. They all look so similar. Although the water wasn’t as turquoise as I imagined (or had seen on T.V.– darn editing!), it was still beautiful to explore Venice by water. The main forms of transportation in Venice are by foot and boats (no cars allowed in the city of Venice), including water taxis and the popular vaporetto. Floating by one of the 4 main bridges which cross over the grand canal is the most Venetian experience you can get.

Venice, ItalyVenice, ItalyI still can’t believe that I made it to the floating city of Venice which was miraculously built across 117 tiny islands (lets just hope it doesn’t sink anytime soon). Throughout the leisurely tour, I passed by small shops showcasing Venetian masks, Venetian lace, and traditional Murano glass in their windows. Passing under some of Venice’s 400 bridges lead me to pass by happy customers enjoying a pizza and pasta at the small local Italian restaurants dotting the many canals in the city. I kept snapping pictures while passing under the low bridges and passing skinny horizontal canals. No matter in what direction I looked, small canal entrances could be seen. If I had to find my way out I wouldn’t know where to begin.Venice, Italy

My Venetian ride is as Venetian as it gets.

11 thoughts on “Exploring the Canals of Venice in a Gondola

  1. Awesome!! I must admit that I was also disappointed when I visited Venice for the first time… the water isnt turquoise, in fact it is disgusting 😦 but I really like the city, its so nice to get lost in these narrow streets… I hope to go back there soon! Hope you had fun there 🙂

  2. You know why I also love your posts? Because you remind me on all the places have been long ago. Lots of memories are coming up. OMG I was 15 when I was in Venice. Remembering how much I already have seen in my life makes me feel so grateful and cherishing my parents for taking me there. I really love your posts for many reasons, but to bring so much life into my memories is one of the biggest.

    • Awesome! It’s great that I can share my experiences while reminding those who have been there like you AND introduce new places to people who have not yet been.
      Yes we are very lucky! I feel blessed!
      Jessica, Turquoise Compass

    • Yes of course, but I chose to do so by gondola and walking for my first visit. Thinking on it now I think a bike would have been more efficient; however, I would have had to walk the bike up over the steps on each bridge.

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