Living it up Venetian Style

Venice, Italy

Venice, ItalyMy time in Venice came quickly to an end before I could ever be ready for it to end. After taking the “People Mover” (yes, the multi million dollar raised train system is really called that) from the mainland into Venice, my day in Venice began in St. Mark’s square, the center of Venice. For some reason, the pigeons in the square are considered sacred and it is illegal to feed or touch them. In times past, the pigeons were all captured and taken away, but they flew back. I guess they are there to stay now. It is also said that different coloured pigeons can be found flying around because some were captured, dyed, and then released (I can’t ever imagine why!). From St. Mark’s Square, the immaculate St. Mark’s Basilica can be seen–the most famous church in Venice of Byzantine architecture. Although I wanted to climb the windy St. Mark’s Campanile bell tower for the best (windy) views of the Venetian islands, I just didn’t have the time.

Venice, ItalyVenice, ItalyNear St. Mark’s Basilica, Doges Palace can be seen where the royals used to live. One of the pillars at the front of the palace is stained a tinge of red/pink which is claimed to be this way due to the numerous public executions (hangings) outside of the palace. Europe has such a tainted past. Next to the palace is the narrow street that leads to the Bridge of Sorrows, a 17th century bridge connecting the palace with Venice’s old prisons. The bridge is symbolic because it is said that  the view the persecuted would see from the bridge was their last before their prison cell. On a more positive note, Venice also has a more uplifting past when it comes to art. Both the Academia and Peggy’s Guggenheim Museums host Italian art collections (and beyond), including works from local artists.Venice, Italy

Venice, ItalyLeaving the center of the city lead me to the Rialto Bridge area. The area is popular for the many surrounding restaurants and large markets selling anything imaginable. I enjoyed a traditional lunch of caprese salad and margarita pizza followed by lemon gelato. After peruzing the many market vendors I found the perfect present for my best friend’s birthday: a green venetian leather purse. I couldn’t leave Venice without visiting one of the oldest lace schools in the city. After a lace making demonstration I can appreciate the process and time that goes into making Venetian lace. I’ll never take lace for granted again.Venice, Italy

IMG_6673 (Medium)My day in Venice gave me a taste of everything it offers. The next time I go, I’ll know just where to begin; I’ll pick up like I never left. May day couldn’t have been more Venetian.Venice, Italy

12 thoughts on “Living it up Venetian Style

      • Walking al around the St. Marks Square-Rialto. Visiting the Doges Palace-Basilica di San Marco-the Clock tower. {the delicious Alfredino’s pasta-just the best ever} Also Burano island-so beautiful colors- and Murano was magic!
        I think to enjoy a trip to Venice it depends from the weather. When I was there the weather was very good and we enjoyed the trip.

      • I wish I could have made it to Burano island. The weather was pretty good when I was there too. I don’t think it would be too fun exploring in the down pouring rain as there isn’t much coverage.

      • I agree, I’d love to visit again Venice in the future.
        I wish to you some day to spend beautiful moments & days to Burano! 🙂

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