Munich, city of hearty food and oom-pah bands

Munich, GermanyMunich, GermanyAfter departing Venice, Italy and driving through Italy toward Germany, I crossed the Austrian border and drove through Austria before entering Germany. It’s a shame my tour didn’t have time to stop so that I could experience Austria, even if it reminded me of Switzerland. In each country that I drove through the landscape changed significantly. The highway was lined by towering mountains on either side of the highway, with cloud and mist hovering at the base of the mountains. It is said that Munich, Germany is a whole world of its own compared to other cities in Germany. With only one night in Munich, I had to make the most of my time by sampling the best of what Munich offers: architecture (traditional & modern), music, food, and drink.

Munich, GermanyMunich, GermanyMy first stop in Munich was none other than the busy and popular Hofbrauhaus where I ate the best German feast I could have asked for. The fresh baked pretzel, which was the size of my head was the best I ever had (crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle). It took three of us to eat the massive baked treat. My main of Bavarian roasted chicken and German style potato salad was succulent and satisfying, especially since I couldn’t finish it all. I couldn’t eat at the Hofbrauhaus without rounding out my meal with a litre of Radler (German beer mixed with lemonade) to broust with. The oom-pah band kept the atmosphere lively and fun. The traditional dancing throughout the meal kept me more than entertained.Munich, Germany

 After dinner, I wandered  the moon-lit streets of Munich on the quiet weekend evening. Even with the majority of stores and shops being closed, the restaurants were loud and lively, while the streets were scattered with passerbys. My favorite building was the Munchner (German word for Munich) Rathus House, parliament offices in the center of New Town. Ironically, the traditional old building dominates attention in the city amidst the new modern buildings of the new square. Part of the Rathus House has been transformed into a chic courtyard restaurant, yet we roamed the closed restaurant as if it were a deserted ghost town. The way the moon light kissed the building was spectacular. The building lit up on the misty evening and made me appreciate the quiet beauty in the city. Even in the rain, I enjoyed getting lost (literally) in Munich–but that’s another story.Munich, Germany

My quick stop in Munich still allowed me an opportunity to experience Munich’s culture. Until my next time in Munich, it will have to do!

Munich, Germany

22 thoughts on “Munich, city of hearty food and oom-pah bands

  1. Hello! We are compiling the best of food & drink recommendations around the world and would like your permission to feature a trimmed part of your post in our site.I will add in your blog post link to the feature. Hope to hear from you soon!

    Also, I like your blog and would like to extend this invitation to you:

    • I pinned all of the places I have visited on a map in my classroom and I feel like I haven’t been to many places in retrospect of the size of the world; however, I am very blessed to have been able to visit a lot of the “must-see” spots. Thanks for your support.
      Jessica, Turquoise Compass

  2. I really like Munich too, although I only got to spend one day there too. I was really lucky, I went with my manager at the time and she used to guide tours around Munich so I had my own personal guide for the day!

  3. Munich is a really cool city. We are going to Munich next weekend for seeing the musical “We will rock you”. You should have gone then, since next weeken the “Oktoberfest” starts. And btw, again you came so close to where I live. Liectenstein is right at the Austrian border. It takes us about 45 minutes to the German border (Lindau). Where did you enter Austria and where did you leave the country again?

    • My boyfriend wants to get to Munich during Oktoberfest and I don’t mind going a second time since I was only there one night. I don’t know the exact border entry names since I was on a tour.

      Jessica, Turquoise Compass

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  5. hahaha happy that you enjoyed your short time in Munich 😀
    I also love Radler and the Brezen! Ohh and the building that you liked is called Rathaus, and its the Munich’s city hall 😀 I still wish you had spent more time here!!

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