Holland: Windmills, Tulips, and Canals

Amsterdam, Netherlands Amsterdam, Netherlands Amsterdam, Netherlands was one of the last cities I visited in Europe on my way back to London before departing back to Canada. After visiting so many places across western and eastern Europe, I knew once arriving in Amsterdam that it’s a city with charm unlike the others. I had to ask myself: what’s so different about Amsterdam? It’s not the red light district, but the vast canals throughout the city, yachts and house boats, the abundance of bicycles (there are more bikes then people in Amsterdam), tulip markets, and the ordinately decorated buildings lining the narrow streets. There was just something about Amsterdam that made me fall in love with it. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands Maybe it was the lush green trees that covered the city, the dutch pancakes I could smell on every corner, or the way in which the city “dances” (because the city is rested on pillars, the city is constantly shifting). The half wheel design of the city makes walking the city a dream. In the middle I found the old center, bounded by the Singel Canal. Although Amsterdam is world renowned and a tourist hot-spot, it’s a fairly small city so most things are in walking distance. I was able to walk everywhere I wanted to visit from the I Amsterdam sign to the Anne Frank Museum. Exploring the city is easy to do with endless restaurants, especially around the Leidseplein, cafes, markets, stores, and shops. I think I fell in love with Amsterdam.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

If only I could return to Amsterdam tomorrow to live in a windmill that has been transformed into a house. Amsterdam, Netherlands


14 thoughts on “Holland: Windmills, Tulips, and Canals

  1. It is amazing how much you are circling around! I am so happy for you. I have been to Amsterdam too, although it is 20 years ago……….OMG I just realzized that……. I love the channels and this special kind of buildings. The Anne Frank Museum totally caught me. How did you feel on there? I felt the fear screaming out of every wall…. I could feel an idea of what these people had to go through for years….. horrible. But nevertheless I loved Amsterdam. What country are you going to visit next?

    • Yeah it’s quite the whirl wind trip which has brought me all over Europe. It’s crazy how fast time has gone. It’s hard to believe the first time I went to the Bahamas was over 10 years ago. Amsterdam was a joy to visit with so many amazing historical and natural elements. The museum left me speechless, graciously thankful of my time on this earth.
      Soon up on the blog will be Belgium and England.

      Jessica, Turquoise Compass

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