Amsterdam’s Top 10

Amsterdam is especially significant to me because I had the opportunity to spend my birthday in the charming dancing city of lights. Not only that, but on the day of my 31st birthday, I was able to share my special day with with Anne Frank; her spirit lives on. It was a day before my birthday that Anne and her family were found so many fateful years ago. Ironically, I landed in Amsterdam the same day Anne and her family were captured. The day after, my birthday, I walked through Anne Frank’s house remembering her spirit. I found a part of myself there that day. Anne teaches us more about ourselves and without her, we otherwise would not understood.

Here are my Amsterdam top ten favorites:

1. Amsterdam’s sunsetsAmsterdam, Netherlands

2. I spent my birthday in AmsterdamAmsterdam, Netherlands

3. The flower-laden cityAmsterdam, Netherlands

4. Anne Frank House Amsterdam, Netherlands

5. Dutch treatsAmsterdam, Netherlands

6. Abundance of canals Amsterdam, Netherlands

7. I amsterdam sign Amsterdam's Top 10

8. Floating MarketsAmsterdam's Top 10

9. The lively Atmosphere Amsterdam's Top 10

10. Canal Cruise Amsterdam's Top 10

Are you dreaming of Amsterdam?

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

6 thoughts on “Amsterdam’s Top 10

    • Thank you so much! I like how people who don’t even know me can see my perspective on a place based on the photos I post. It’s fun capturing a place not in words (although I like to do that too), but in pictures. Capture on.
      Jessica, Turquoise Compass

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