Europe: 30 days, 15 Countries

EuropeEurope is no longer a wish, want, or desire. I can finally say I’ve made it to Europe. Europe is checked off my bucket list, although now I have added new European countries to that very same bucket list (Spain, Portugal, Turkey, etc… I could truly go on and on). With each destination that I visit and check off my bucket list, I continue to add new places I’ve learned about, heard about, or still hope to see. All of my worries, anxieties, and excuses about Europe are now in the distance because I can say for sure that Europe is the perfect place to explore. My 30 day bus adventure through Europe with Topdeck brought me to 15 amazing countries.

EuropeIn each country, I was able to complete a bucket list item or visit a must-see landmark or attraction. From the Eiffel Tower, Colosseum, Vatican City, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Swiss Alps, Mediterranean, Balkans, to Big Ben and beyond, Europe was a dream. My bucket list dream trip to Europe allowed me to see the best of the best in the shortest amount of time possible. Although rushed at times, I soaked up every moment and engrained every experience in my mind. I’ll have this trip with me forever. My summer fun and sailing trip in Europe gave me a “taste” (or better yet a ‘tease’) of Europe, while highlighting the things I should see as a first time visitor to Europe. There will always be more visits! If I hadn’t of chosen this specific trip, I wouldn’t have seen as much as I did; that’s why I chose to do a fast-track trip–the perfect kind of trip for a hyperactive traveler like me. Now that I’ve had this amazing sample of an incredible continent, I’m already planning to go back to see more. Now the question is, when (and where)?Europe

Here are the countries I visited on my tour:
Vatican City
Czech Republic

Europe is especially significant because it was my last big abroad trip during my 14 month sabbatical from teaching. From meeting new friends to spending my birthday in Amsterdam, Europe couldn’t have been better. Europe was a dream come true and more than I could have imagined. I dreamed of visiting Europe and it’s better than I ever imagined;  I think I left a part of my heart in each European country that I visited! Europe completed and rounded off my 14 months of travels; It’s hard to even imagine that Europe was the last stop on my round-the-world adventures. I can’t even believe how quickly my time off went and that it’s time for me to slowly get back into the routine of the everyday working life. I had no idea where my time off would lead, but I knew it would take me to places out of this world. That’s an understatement. Europe

My year off gave me more time to devote to traveling and writing, while exploring 22 countries in that time (15 in Europe alone). I documented each step of my journey. Although I won’t be traveling full-time anymore, my journey is far from over. It’s time I start showcasing my home—Canada! I’ll still be traveling locally, within Canada, and sometimes abroad, but now just half the time!


Roman Forum and Palentine Hill

15 thoughts on “Europe: 30 days, 15 Countries

    • I don’t know, has there every been anyone? I’m sure there has. If not, I’m that girl! Thanks so much! It was crazy, fun, and incredible! Would you ever consider doing such a thing?
      Jessica, Turquoise Compass

  1. That is a whirlwind trip but a great way to give you a taste, right? Cannot believe all the amazing things you saw in your “gap” year! So many memories and so many experiences 🙂 Look forward to you showcasing Canada – we really need to get ourselves over there 🙂

    • Yes indeed it was! It’s hard to believe that my gap year is over! I think we connected in the beginning and I can’t believe it’s over. SO many memories, and honestly, so many more to come. This trip wet my taste buds for the world and I wont stop now. Although I won’t have as many abroad trips in the near future I look forward to exploring more within my home country, writing about previous trips, while getting over seas every now and then. It’s never too late to dream a new dream, right?!
      Yes, get over to Canada!
      Jessica, Turquoise Compass

      • Well one of them is to buy that huge pretzel you bought at Munich. Hahahha

        I’ve been wanting to see if someone have been around Europe for a short period. I guess your review is a good picture to start planning. Can you share the route you took for the tour?

      • Wow!! Thank you so much for the link. That route looks awesome. I have better picture how I should plan my trip around europe now.

        You have no idea how excited I am. Thanks again for sharing Jessica!

      • I know the feeling because I felt the exact same way before I departed for Europe. However, I only planned my Europe trip 2 weeks before my flight departed Canada so I didn’t have too long to get excited! haha I think that was the most exciting part!
        Jessica, Turquoise Compass

  2. Reblogged this on Learning is A Continous Act and commented:
    Learning they say is permanent change in behaviour encompassing a lot of things ranging from traveling, reading, writing, making friends, blogging, making more money, working in an office for your boss, working as a business owner, creating and recreating, in fact innovation has been the top of the major factor teaching us things within us and beyond. Europe has ever been my love country spanning from their way of relating to people, business ideas, and intellectual maturity in all their doings. Although the foolish ones will still be found there (lol).
    Its high time people see good thing and call by its name and appreciate it, admire good thing to have more of good things in abundance, Europe is good that is what travelling has taught me and making of friends as well as
    researches. I will like to visit one of the new European countries in this blog which is Spain.

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