7555 Kilometres Later my Heart Belongs to Europe

EuropeAfter traveling through 15 European countries in 30 days, I found out that I traveled 7555 kilometres during that time. Most of which by bus. 7555 kilometres later, I left pieces of myself all over Europe. How could I not fall in love with each destination that I visited? A part of my heart stayed in each country, but I know I will be back someday soon to retrieve the pieces (or end up leaving a different part of my heart and soul there while I am at it). I couldn’t resist the temptation of sprinkling myself all over Europe to assure myself that I would be back. I know I will.

It seems like I have left a part of myself in each of the destinations I have visited throughout my 14 months of full-time travels. There is something special about visiting a place for the first time and feeling a personal connection with that place. I felt that way throughout my entire journey in Europe. Each new country/destination symbolized a new connection and love for that country. I love each country for a different reason; each country was able to reveal to me something different about myself. My travels signify more than trotting around the globe, but about learning along the way. From self-actualization, belonging, confidence, perseverance, strength, endurance, assurance, to faith, and beyond—Europe (and the other countries I visited) allowed me to find pieces of myself, while also leaving parts of me behind. Europe

I think it’s all part of the journey—being able to let go of things, while learning new lessons. My 7555 kilometres through Europe represents more than just countries, bucket list items, land marks, and iconic cities. Europe to me represents making my dreams a reality, overcoming my fears, living life to the fullest, and seizing the day. I dreamed a dream that someday I would be able to travel to all of my bucket list destination; that dream became a reality when I took a year off from my job to make that dream come true. Europe brought that year to a close, but I know my journey is far from over. Although my full-time travels have come to an end, I’ll continue traveling as often as I can whether locally or abroad. I look forward to sharing my previous travel adventures that I completed prior to my year off, but never had the time to write. 7555 kilometres later, my heart belongs to Europe.

This new life I have created is exhilarating and I have no idea where it will take me!


11 thoughts on “7555 Kilometres Later my Heart Belongs to Europe

  1. I love it! Welcome to the land of the truly free, where the only borders to cross are the challenges you set yourself. It sounds like this is a beginning for you, rather than an end.

    • That’s an interesting way to put it…a beginning rather than an end. I’d like to see it that way for sure. At this point I have no idea what’s in store for me or where I want to go from here.

  2. Every reached goal is the spring board for a new journey! This reminds me to a saying: “A mind streched by experience will never go back to its old dimensions!” Hope to meet you one day!

  3. Good for you girl! I wish I could travel full-time. That is great you were able to bust out so many great adventures in such little time!! Can’t wait to see what is next!

    • Thanks so much. It was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. I’ll be posting some summary posts next week to sum up everything I accomplished in the 14 months. I am excited to see what’s in store too! I will definitely be highlight local places within Canada!
      Jessica, Turquoise Compass

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