65 Flights in 14 Months Flew By

Boarding PassesIt’s still hard to believe that I actually took 65 flights in 14 months and traveled to 22 countries all over the world, while visiting countless destinations in each country. Each flight symbolized embarking on a new adventure and not knowing where the journey would take me when I landed. Along the way, I was able to accomplish countless bucket list items, while learning more and more about myself with each new step. In reflecting on my travels, I am in awe of the places I went, people I met, things I saw & did, and the lessons learned in the process.

Boarding PassesThroughout my 14 months of full-time travels, I flew with countless airlines including: West Jet, Porter, Air Canada, Delta, Hawaiian Airlines, Virgin Australia, Jetstar, Qantas, LAN, Thunder Airlines, and Air Transat. From flying stand-by, missing flights, getting bumped to first-class, and landing in unexpected cities, I experienced it all! Nothing would stop me! It’s in those moments when I had to be open to everything and anything traveling would bring. I’ve realized that I can be open, flexible, light-hearted, and committed to making the best in every situation. I learned that traveling made me a stronger person in so many aspects of my life. It’s this world trip that changed me. Boarding Passes

My 65 flights brought me to the following 32 city airports: Halifax, CA/ Timmins, CA/ Toronto, CA/ Ottawa, CA/ Moncton, CA/ Atlanta, U.S.A./ New York-La Guardia, U.S.A./ Detroit, U.S.A./ Los Angeles, U.S.A./ Minneapolis/St.Paul, U.S.A./ Sacramento, U.S.A./ San Francisco, U.S.A./ Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.A./ Charlotte, U.S.A./  Samana, Dominican Republic/ Las Vegas, U.S.A./ San Juan, Puerto Rico/ Miami, U.S.A./  Sydney, Australia/ Coolangetta, Australia/ Cairns, Australia/ Perth, Australia/ Melbourne, Australia/ Christchurch, New Zealand/ Auckland, New Zealand/ Santa Clara, Cuba/ Moosonee, CA/ Fort Albany, CA/ Kashechewan, CA/ Attawapiskat, CA/ and London-Gatwick, UK.   Boarding Passes

Having a boyfriend as a pilot only adds to my love of flying. I’ve always been curious about airplanes and I was sure to record some of the different aircraft models throughout my travels. My 65 flights gave me the opportunity to ride on a variety of planes such as (but not including all): dash 8-100, CRJ 900 (EV), B757-300, B757, CRJ 700 (EV), Q400 Bombardier, Air Bus 320-2, B737, B777-200, A320, Air Bus A330-300, Diamond, and King Air 100. It’s fun to be able to travel the world, while flying on the variety of aircrafts out there.Thunder Airlines Timmins

There is nothing more exciting than getting ready to board a plane because I know it means I am embarking on a new adventure! I can’t wait for my next flight!

9 thoughts on “65 Flights in 14 Months Flew By

    • I think I could at this point. I enjoy some airports more than others. I definitely could comment on this subject, although I am no expert. Something to keep in mind for future reference. Thank you for the suggestion.
      Jessica, Turquoise Compass

    • Most of that was due to the fact that I had to fly stand-by via the United States! That added a few extra flights. Not to mention how big Canada is, I often have to take a couple flights before I can leave the country! It all adds up!

  1. I cant believe you remember the types of aircraft you used! Time to compare airlines. By the way – no ‘u’ in Qantas – Queensland And Northern Territory Air Service – if you ever wondered what the letters stood for!

    • Part of that is because I have a travel journal where I still write things down on the go in the old-fashion way! The details totally fascinate me! I’m such a nerd!

      Thanks for the tip! AHHHHHH That makes sense now! I actually has no idea!

      I should write a post comparing airlines! 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion!

      Jessica, Turquoise Compass

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