Don’t Miss Seeing these 5 Destinations…



After traveling around the world for 14 months, visiting 34 one of a kind destinations, I think my 5 favorite places are Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Australia, New Zealand, and Italy/Greece (yes I know that’s technically six places). Don’t get me wrong, I love ALL of the places I visited and would be happy living in any of the destinations, however, there is something about these 5 destinations that have a special hold on my heart. I’ve also spent the most amount of time in these 5 places which definitely does impact one’s connection in that place. The more time I spent in the locations the more I fell in love with them. Europe as a continent stole my heart, but Italy and Greece by far are my favorites (oh, but Croatia is so high up there too). After reflecting for days after my sabbatical I think I can say with assurance that these are my favorites.

 Do you finding it hard choosing what places are your favorites?

1. Hawaii- AdventureTwogood Kayaks Tour

2. Puerto Rico – Architecture  Puerto Rico

3. Australia-Beaches

Sunset Coast, Australia

Sunset Coast, Australia

4. New Zealand-Nature

New Zealand

New Zealand

5. Italy & Greece- Culture & Food


These destinations offered me pristine turquoise beaches, unprecedented natural wonders, culture, architecture, history, and amazing FOOD! I’d go back to any of these places (or any of the places I visited really) in a heart beat.

Oahu, Hawaii

Oahu, Hawaii

13 thoughts on “Don’t Miss Seeing these 5 Destinations…

  1. Puerto Rico is on our list for the nearish future. We’re heading to Nicaragua in March though! Central America will see a lot of my husband and I over the next few years, methinks.

    • I’ve heard that in the winter there is actually waves for surfing in a certain part of the country (what part that is I’m not exactly sure). I LOVE Nicaragua! Have you been before? You will love the vibe of Nica! My first experience with surfing was in Nica.

      • That’s sweet! Apparently they begin getting bigger waves in April, so we should catch some of the early swells while we’re there. This will be our first time there. I haven’t been anywhere south of Canada (if you don’t count Maine, New York State or Hawaii, that is). Where did you learn to surf in Nica?

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