Enjoying Atlantic Canada’s Fall Season at the Beach

New BrunswickNew BrunswickAlthough I am no longer in a tropical destination or exotic location, there is no reason why I can’t still enjoy my favorite place–the beach. Now that I am back in Canada, I can appreciate being in one location for longer than a couple weeks. I am lucky enough to live by the coast so I can enjoy the place I always want to be–by the sea. In this moment, I can savour in the ability of still experiencing my passion in my home country: Canada.

New BrunswickNew BrunswickEven though I am not exploring Australia’s east coast beaches, swimming in Hawaii’s turquoise waters, or walking along the Caribbean’s sun-kissed sands, like I was over the last 14 months, I can enjoy Atlantic Canada’s beautiful beaches now that I’m back. As long as I am near the ocean I am happy! As I transition back into “normal” life (or reality so to speak), a life far different than a life consumed by full-time travel–the one I once lived not long ago, I look for opportunities to live life to the fullest right at home. I’m looking for the things I enjoyed while traveling, but can also do at home. The beach is my favorite place in the world. It’s my refuge. Even though I am not abroad, I can still be where my heart desires. New Brunswick

New BrunswickI’m embracing the reality that Canada is moving into its fall season, and that I am no longer in 40 degree weather. Even with the crisp foggy mornings and the sunny colourful cool evenings, the beach is still as beautiful as it was when I left it in late spring of 2013. I’m still able to be present and appreciate everything that surrounds me. I don’t need to travel abroad to find the simple pleasures in life or the beauty in this world–it’s already right in from of me. I’m home.  New Brunswick

40 thoughts on “Enjoying Atlantic Canada’s Fall Season at the Beach

      • Not at all. I want to see the seasons change the sea and the beach. I do prefer the Atlantic beaches, however. But it looks like we will move west in 2 yrs.

      • I have been behind on reading my favourite blogs. School has taken up so much time so far. I am finally taking some time to write my own blog post today.

      • This school year has been very busy! I have no idea how I manage to do both! I blog about once or twice a week and get the following week done! Throughout the rest of the week I do the social media stuff, but I wish I had more time to read my fav. blogs too! 😦

  1. Beautiful! You are lucky to live that close to the ocean and the beach! Not long ago I finally started to cherish the place I live and be so very grateful for all it benefits. I am blessed to live here and also can travel to wherever I want! What a life!

    • Thanks so much! I do love Atlantic Canada, and it’s hard to think about myself calling any other place ‘home’–and maybe I will someday. As much as I love to travel (and to be on a turquoise beach), I still love home!
      Jessica, Turquoise Compass

      • I adored my one visit out east and I definitely think hubby should see it at some point. 🙂 It *is* nice to have a home to come back to, isn’t it! My dream is to have a small place in Canada and Japan.

      • The east is pretty amazing (and I’m not just saying that because I am ‘biased’, hehe). That would be nice wouldn’t it–to have a home in two incredible locations?!

      • Yes! I think so. I’m not into gigantic homes and am forever trying to get rid of “stuff”. 😀 I get seriously excited visiting IKEA mainly for seeing how those model floor plans for small homes are so well organized. Our apartment in Tokyo was 300 square feet and it was doable.

      • Oh yes. I’ve read some really interesting books over the last year about organizing. I wish I could remember the title. If I find it, I’ll post it! There are also some great posts about getting rid of things. I’m such a sentimentalist so it’s hard for me to let go of things but one article said that I’m attaching memories to an object. My memories will stay with me even without the object/clutter. Neat! And yes, our apartment was so tiny and can you imagine that there was a kitchen, bathroom, toilet room, tatami room and a living room. When my friend stayed with us after our wedding, her jaw dropped when she walked through the door. 😀

      • Yes! I shall pull some together for a post for you and for my memories. 🙂

        “When Organizing Isn’t enough – Shed your Stuff, Change your Life” by Julie Morgenstern. I’ve also got some links I found recently if you’re interested.

      • Sorry for not being too clear. 😀 That quote is the book title for organizing. As for the links, I found them all by searching “reducing clutter” and “sentimental”. The wikihow article is good as well as those on becomingminimalist.com and theminimalists.com.

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