36 thoughts on “Turquoise Compass Logo

  1. Congrats! I think of a logo as one more stone to anchor your project. I loved hearing about the process and it’s interesting that you worked with an artist and then a designer. How did you come up with this approach?? I love the star in the second watermark!

    • Thanks so much. Yes, I am taking the stepping stones along the way. The process was fun and extremely important. I thought it would be helpful to see the logo from an artist’s and a graphic designer’s perspective. There will be times when a graphic logo will be appropriate and times when the artistic expression can be used. I’m excited to use both of them. Are you thinking about coming up with a logo?

      • That’s really interesting. I never thought about the difference between an artistic representation vs. a graphic designer’s. I’ve actually been wondering what exactly a graphic designer does recently. Now I’ve got a better idea. That’s a great question! I haven’t thought about a logo specifically but I have wondered about something to represent my blog. I think as I come up with a vision and purpose and blog for a bit longer, I’ll develop a better idea of where I’m going. How long did it take for you to have a concept for your blog or did you have a pretty solid idea from the beginning of where you saw it going?

      • I would say it took me a solid 6 months to figure out my vision for the blog. I had a general idea, but I made a lot of changes in the first 6 months and then again after 9 months.
        How long have you been blogging?

      • I started my blog about four years ago but kept it private. I rewrote all the articles and opened the blog in mid-June so four months. It really does take time to develop a vision! I thought I was going to go one direction when I opened the blog but completely surprised myself and probably will continue to do so. I plan to do a review after six months and go from there. 🙂

      • Are you self-hosted? I think the redesign projects are so much fun. It’s especially satisfying to see a layout that says, “This is really, truly, completely me!”

      • I’m using WP.com and will stick with this for a while. I don’t have time to learn the self-hosting bits although it sounds interesting. I’ll have to see what happens in the future! 🙂

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