Practicing my New Found Passion at Body Wise Yoga Studio

Nova ScotiaBody Wise Yoga StudioI’ve always dabbled with yoga and tried a few classes here and there, but it wasn’t until my year of travels that I formed a love for yoga. I finally had the opportunity to do all the things I didn’t have time for in the pervious years. One of those things was yoga. Always enjoyed it, but never had the time to fit it in (or didn’t make the time to fit it in). I made it my goal to devote my 14 months of full-time travel to accomplishing things on my bucket list, trying new things, traveling to new places, and spending time doing the things I’ve always enjoyed (yet neglected). I finally had the time to explore my ongoing fascination with yoga. That fascination has now been turned into a passion.

Body Wise Yoga StudioBody Wise Yoga StudioOver the last year, my curiosity about yoga soon evolved into more. Without a doubt, I’m still extremely new in the yoga world, but I can say that my dabbling’s have transitioned into more of an interest, commitment, and practice. I’m finding ways to incorporate yoga into my life regularly. The more I do yoga, the more I love it. When I don’t do yoga, I miss it. The variety of yoga styles that are available keep my fitness session fresh and new. I never get bored! It makes me physically and mentally strong, while calming my hyperactive-always-on-the-go-busy-bee soul. It’s an activity I can do anywhere (home & away) and at anytime. It’s the perfect fit for someone like me who is always on the move.Body Wise Yoga Studio

Body Wise Yoga StudioThe various classes at Bodywise Yoga Studio in Moncton, New Brunswick have kept me busy over the last month. The studio not only offers a plethora of yoga classes, but they also offer Pilates which goes hand in hand with yoga practice. From Hatha, gentle yoga, Vinyasa flow, Ashtanga Primary Series, Yin yoga, strong and slow flow, express yoga, Kripalu, to Pilates and beyond, my options are endless. The variety of classes and knowledgeable instructors ensure that I’ll keep stretching my mind and body (physically and mentally). As fun as it was trying yoga classes all over the world at different studios, there is something to be said about practicing at the same place. I’m not holding a pose in an exotic destination, but I can take my mind to that tropical place I visited in any studio I practice in. Now that I’m based in a city longer than a couple weeks, I am blessed to have the opportunity to practice in the same place, grow with consistency, and monitor my fitness growth. Body Wise Yoga Studio

Bodywise Yoga Studio has become my new home and place of serenity. I know that if I have a bad day I can go there and know that I will leave happy, balanced, and ready to embrace what comes next. As much as I want to consider myself a yogi, I know I’m not. Maybe I will get there someday? Who defines who and what a yogi is anyways? If going to yoga makes me a yogi, I’ll take it. If being a yogi is embracing the yoga lifestyle, I’m there! Bodywise Yoga Studio’s flexible schedule allows me to incorporate yoga in my life any day of the week. Bodywise Yoga Studio’s goal is to provide knowledge of how to heal and keep healthy and balanced. Body Wise Yoga Studio

Body Wise Yoga StudioTry your first Bodywise Yoga class today for only $5.65 Bodywise Yoga Studio is on Facebook, and recently joined Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Let’s support this young small local business!  Body Wise Yoga Studio

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23 thoughts on “Practicing my New Found Passion at Body Wise Yoga Studio

  1. I also really enjoy yoga – the Body Wise Yoga looks like a wonderful place to practice!
    Thanks so much for following my blog. I haven’t posted for awhile, but now that I have returned to my opposite life in Oaxaca, I can get back to it!
    I like your photos, subjects, and writing style, and I look forward to reading your back and future posts.


    • Thanks so much. It’s an amazing place to practice. I love that it is unlike the other studios because it’s in an old house and has a fire place–so intimate and personal. Do post soon!
      I’ve never been to Oaxaca!
      I’m happy to have you along for my journey!
      Stay in touch,
      Jessica, Turquoise Compass


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