Fall Colours are Vibrant in Southern Nova Scotia

For Thanksgiving weekend, I had the opportunity to travel to southern Nova Scotia for the long weekend. The fall colours were bright, vibrant, and the maple leaves glistened in the sunlight.  For early October, the weather has been warmer than pervious years and I’m welcoming the warmth and sunlight on my skin. I’ll prolong fall’s typical cold and frost covered mornings for as long as I can. As much as I love the fall colours, I know what the beautiful red, yellow, and orange leaves mean—that winter is coming. As you know by now, I’m a summer baby all the way. A sun worshiper as they’re called (just like my mommy). Hence why I chased the sun last year and skipped the Canadian winter and headed to Australia in January. Now I am back to experiencing the beauty of the changing seasons. I witnessed eastern Canada’s summer turn to fall, and soon fall will turn to winter. Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia

Until then, I will embrace the beauty that surrounds me and hope that winter is also abnormally warmer than usual as this fall has been. One can only wish.

Nova Scotia

Any advice for how you cope with cold weather?

18 thoughts on “Fall Colours are Vibrant in Southern Nova Scotia

  1. Any advice? This is an exceptional and creative post ” I have to say one sentence – Love is in the air” This clip is played for you both – I am on piano with my piano – Enjoy & cherish it

  2. Greetings from sunny Florida! I Love Nova Scotia. I have been there twice in the month of September. Absolutely beautiful. My favorite (along the Coast town) Lunenburg. Hope to return again soon to that area. Cheryl. Psssst. I do not do well at all in cold weather. I was raised in Florida and remain here!!!

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